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Let’s be real, everyone fantasizes to get married one day. Some of us do it sooner and some of us are late bloomers. We all want to have that special day when we will connect to that one person for the rest of our lives. Planning a wedding isn’t an easy job and it is best to start...
If you’re planning a destination wedding, Italy may be the location on the top of your list. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when planning.
The kind of money people are willing to spend on Indian weddings and funerals is mind boggling. If we have that much money within the country, why do we go around with begging bowl for foreign aids?
This article talks about the Indian wedding- a great affair in one's life- a humongous celebration, rituals and customs involved. While there is lot of fun and enjoyment, petty things and wrong mindset ruin the true essence of the occasion.
I may have the honor of being one of the few children whose parents were married on April Fool's Day.
When a bride and groom begin to plan their dream wedding, cost may quickly become a factor. It then becomes necessary to find affordable ways to celebrate the big day while staying within the budget. One way is to find or create affordable wedding invitations.
We've covered what's coming to us of little houses here at Gizmag, however the as of late finished Tiny Chapel by Richmond, Virginia-based Bil Malbon, is the first towable minor structure we've seen that you may need to get hitched in. With an aggregate floorspace of only 9.2 sq m (10...
Most couples would agree that a wedding should be an outstanding occasion that will be remembered forever. Over the past decade, the popularity of destination weddings has dramatically increased. Although many men and women choose to be married in their hometown, others prefer to plan...
Diamonds have fascinated numerous individuals throughout the world for many centuries. The rarest of all precious gems, diamonds are not only beautiful, but also have significant monetary value and many people buy them as an investment. When purchasing a diamond engagement ring, one w...
When you read this you may first think it's not true--it is (it's too strange to NOT be true). You may shake your head at what we went through. Learn from our mistakes in not checking out CURRENT references and referrals. Also whatever you do pay with a credit card to give you an addi...
Many marriages fail because they are lack of preparation in deciding to live together in marriage, both physically and spiritually
Marital life is losing its value today. Most of the marriages start with a sweet honey moon, but within days it becomes so bitter that they no longer can go further.
A wedding poem written as a letter reminiscing the sibling memories together.
The way young people are getting married today have opted to do away with important aspects revolving around marriage and weddings is totally unacceptable.
Setting the coast, will also add to the romance of your wedding and couples. Your dress waving in the wind, along the outskirts of the beautiful sea background, will make a couple more fascinated, by your appearance.
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