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My random thoughts, reflections, observations, opinions, or expressions...all from the heart alone.
How can someone make use of Naturalization documents? Below is a very easy how to with links that show examples of other documents you may come across and terms you will need to understand.
How well do you know terms that are used in genealogy? I've compiled 33 common terms and their definitions and it's up to you to match as many as you can. Grab a sheet of paper and put your answers next to the correct number (no fair peeking!). Drop me a line with how many you get rig...
Genealogy is the study of your past, who your ancestors were and where they lived. It’s a personal look back at your own history.
The plight of this small child should not be happening today, however it is happening in the cities and countryside of America. It is not always possible to detect a child that is being used as a slave. Recognize the fact that they usually do not attend school. You only see them in th...
This is a basic about the trails of an American mother learning the UK system of schooling.
Are you dreaming of starting a new life abroad? Here are some tips to make your move a bit smoother
A short essay on Ethnocentrism and how it relates to body adornment, gift-giving, culture and societies, with a main example of The Hmong people, who first emigrated to the United States in the 1980's.
This is a poem I wrote for my grandparents when my mom brought me to United Kingdom with her to study.
Migration is the movement of people from one geographical area to another, involving permanent or temporary residence or settlement. There must be a reason or reasons of migration-either something is chasing the individuals away from their present location or there is an attraction to...
More and more firms decide to move their production to Eastern Europe, and especially Romanie. Is it a good thing to move with them?
Canada draws its citizens from all parts of the globe. Newcomers also need to understand that there were many people living in Canada before the first European settlers arrived since Columbus sailed across to ocean blue to discover the new lands of America and settlement was possible.
When one is applying or the Immigration visa in England they must be well-prepared in the following ways.
When grandpa applied for the homestead claim, he chose a beautiful view over land that could be farmed; his brothers never forgave him.
This is the second of a series or articles about becoming a Canadian Citizen, This is intended to assist people who may be applying for their citizenship in this great and diverse land. This of course is a personal viewpoint.
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