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An evaluation of the unfairness of Jesus' crucifixion, and the incredible result.
I started to volunteer at my local chuch in July of 2014 as part of the connection team and since then I also volunteer for the Mitchell Park Domes a few months ago. When I started for the Domes it was the time when I went on disability from my work due to my arthritis in both of my f...
Are you looking for an unusual hobby that could help others? Indexing might be for you! Take the brief test below (mentally) and decide if it might interest you. You DO NOT have to be Mormon to do this!
Be an angel day is a day to be angel by performing angel tasks. Donations, helping friends and strangers, be kind to animals and old people.
Mental health champions help to battle stigma associated with mental illness. I myself have a past history of mental illness with Borderline Personality disorder which has many myths surrounding it. I experienced stigma, which pushed me to do something. Stigma occurs in many forms. Th...
Become a winner. Be of service to life and life will be of service to you in all genuine ways. That is the crux concept of this series of articles. The reality that all the great ones have spoken, written or dictated. Love others as you love yourself.
Volunteering is a sense of self dedicated service to the cause of the society. Whenever in times of distress and calamities. we respond to the clarion call of the nation. The volunteers may have faced initial hurdles but will soon overcome and enjoy the pleasu...
Spiritual currency from helping others is some of the best and genuine profit you can make in life. This article will give detail and understanding on this reality as I see it.
This is an account of my volunteering experience, and how this has helped me in my every day life.
A reminiscence of Thanksgiving Days spent giving of ourselves.
You will learn some of the benefits of being a volunteer.
You will learn how to become a more effective mentor.
Raising money for a charitable event can be daunting. Here's how to raise money for a good cause and get the most donations for your favorite charity.
A lot of people did a lot of walking this weekend at our local American Cancer Society/s Relay for Life. This is what I saw and felt while walking my laps there.
I have had my share of volunteer work and let me tell you it is sometimes just as rewarding as a paid job.
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