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ow can we let our children run free without the fear of losing them to some delinquent people thirsty of violence? What kind of childhood can we let them have? One that is full of vigilance to such point of paranoia? One that has an overly protective parent constantly checking if the ...
Do you know where to find your city or town services? Sometimes we come across services we did not know about.
An individual cannot arrange all the facilities and comforts that he or she needs. A community offers such things to all its members.
This is confusing and confounding. Legally, it is not wrong, morally it just might be.
There are so many ways of helping others. All you need to do is just look for them.
We are a nation that others desired to come to because we offered a dream that come true. Now we are starting to decay and fall. The reasons are clear if you only think about it. It is not just one thing but multiple reasons. Perhaps you too have an opinion on what is causing the prob...
Community life has a major role to play in the formation of individual personality,building up of interpersonal relationships with the members of the families and its societal integration, failing which no individual family can survive on its own strength,though there are instance...
The above illustrates the fact that though general knowledge is helpful to us in our daily lives, it does not provide us answers to certain important questions
Easter eggs remind the festival of Easter which celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus. Children enjoy fun with Easter eggs without knowing the real significance of Easter eggs.
What is needed to reach a hope, keeps trying and does not despair; if all these efforts seem always fail, maybe what to do is find a way swivel and enjoy the process.
The holiday season may be over. But charitable events managed to flourish at that time even if the gathered donations are not limited to cash. Knowing that charity doesn’t have to be synonymous with money, some companies focused on the giving part, not the fund-raising part. How wa...
This story is about the neighborhood terror. It is important to understand why children do the things that they do at times.
So back in 2012, the Garza family got CPS called on them by Ms Garza's sisters because Ms Garza told her sisters off, she told them we are family, so why are you asking my fiancee to have a 3 some with you guys, then Ms Garza told her sisters I will beat you up if you try to have any ...
Why you should focus on local and independent retailers for your Christmas shopping this year.
For the last two days Neeta Malhotra has been busy shuttling from one jewellery store to another in Mumbai. Her elder daughter is getting married next year but she's trying to buy as much jewellery as possible for the wedding now.
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