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In past times, teachers were appreciated and respected, but on these days, their status has changed, but not for the better.
Orientation for the Medical Assistant Classes and Learning what my Speech Course actually consists of... Public Speaking... Ughh... Not my favorite thing to do.
Has the change in GCSE exams really lead to a "broad, deep and balanced education" for British school children? A look at the impact in the classroom.
Modern homes today depend on the access of their Smartphones to help them maintain communication and security. It is now possible to lock the doors, turn off the lights, and notify the police if an intruder is about. This can all be done by using the Smartphone. The digital home with ...
Making kids love learning isn't accomplished through nagging - here are a few practical tips to help you out.
In the field of hospitality, the degree courses equip students with the skills and knowledge that they need to provide high-quality service in the field.
Education is an important part of a person's life.
Life is a learning experience, we learn by living. Learning is not limited to formal education. This article is about my personal journey. Showcasing what I have done with my education.
We may think that our parents nagged at us when they taught manners at the table, but it's most unpleasant seeing people doing such things.
A good teacher should have a technique so as every student understands a hard subject such as mathematics.
A good teacher should pay attention to those pupils that are slower to understand and to learn, because it doesn't mean they are stupid and everyone of us has a right to be taught.
Today is World Day for older people. Yet, many children don't know what a granny or a granddad is like. Read more...
Most of the students before crossing their finish line of graduation start thinking about enjoying the happiness of graduation.
The answers to the test and why these are the answers are listed below.
Students always complained that they'll never use what they are being taught so the first thing I always started a new skill with is how they can use it in every day life. I will do that in the first section, how to multiply fractions in the second, and divide them in the third.
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