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This is a poem I made after the death of my brother
Spirit communications between Mother and son. I always believed in Tarot , Horoscopes and the dead world. The family members go somewhere. True spirit communications took place when my 33 year old son came through and the gift is amazing. This is a true story of life, afterlife and re...
This is about someone who has been a mentor and friend
Losing something in life is never easy. Whether its health; job, house, dreams or the most painful thing, losing a loved ones. Everybody has to go through this in life yet not all has a courage to go on and go through each dreary day. I have my dose of it and I'm mustering every once ...
The day she was born when I first set eyes on her was the happiest and joyful day to be introduce to my granddaughter. I was a proud grandmother. I have spread the news contacting family friends to share with them all that I became a grandmother to a one pound baby girl. Tears of joy,...
The day my son died, a piece of my heart and part of my soul went with him. It was like a dream, not real at all. It was just unbelievable.
Welcome to my first page! My writing is going to be based on my experiences and thoughts in life... I have no qualifications and left school at 12 years old without barely being able to read or write. I have come a long way and feel i want to speak up with hope that i can inspire ot...
I have been to so many funerals and wakes, that I do not believe in them anymore. I believe in a cheerful acceptance of reality no matter what "bad" or "good" it brings. Because I genuinely feel the best way to approach anything, even life or death is with patience, understanding and ...
This article portrays my personal reflections of death as I formulated them after the death of my friend's mother.
The US is the fountainhead of terror. American policy based on a one point agenda of opposing Russia has turned sour and was extremely short sighted
BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS! If you want a book on any topic (especially unusual ones) then chances are that I have seen them in the last couple of days, I have sorted a large number of books now and wish to stop for a coffee, but there are more books to sort. All that knowledge!
Islamic law is applicable in India in personal matters. The governing principle is the Sharia. Death bed wills and actions are recognised in Islamic law
This series will deal with some of the questions and answers concerning why some people become lone gunmen and take it upon themselves to go out and shoot innocent school children or college and university students.
Imagine standing in your bathroom having a conversation with two wild birds, a Secretary Bird and an Owl. What you don’t realize is that they are sent with a message from God, it’s time for someone in your family to come home. You missed the point and thought you could stop it f...
This story was published in an anthology called Angels on Earth. I hold the copyright.
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