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Nowadays people on average are living much longer than before ,a problem we face is how to care for the elderly .
Just a write up of my mother's last few years and my being in charge and staying by her side.
An introduction to me, Maggles. I hope you will Begin to get to know me through this summary.
Elderly relatives are asset to the family.Under no circumstances can they be thrown out and kept in a old age home.They should be taken care of with due honour and courtesy.failing which human and social values may be downgraded.
There is so much wisdom that we can glean from our older relatives and friends. Take the time to hear their stories. They will stay with you for a lifetime.
Being a caretaker or caregiver for a loved one is a hard job. While it is often used as an alternative to being placed in a nursing home, it doesn’t come without its challenges.
Visiting with my mother in law, I would work on a jigsaw puzzle the staff had put out for her to solve. What I wouldn't give to have one more afternoon with her.
Bringing an elderly parent to live with you can have lots of challenges. Your success may depend on your willingness to change your own attitude with love and a free heart.
Grandparent alert! Some seniors are getting left behind in this personal computer age, but there is no need for that to happen. If you're a senior who's yet to get computer savvy, or you know a senior who's in that situation, please read on...
As I celebrate my wedding anniversary I am especially glad for my husband and my father.
My mother was most happy when she was outdoors planting something. It gave her a great sense of satisfaction.
Grandma was an inspirational light to all of us and she taught the children many things and myself as well. Learning to be humble and letting her talk about her daughter and understanding true love can come from different resources. The whole family was blessed with the visits from my...
This is a tribute to my " Aunt Nita", Mrs. Juanita H. Flennoy who was 97 years of age when she passed away on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. She was the last family matriarch from my generation. This tribute barely scratches the surface describing the influence this person had on my life and...
Enlisted widows have paid a large price supporting their spouses as they moved from base to base in the military. Pray for these 300 widows at the AFEV:
My Uncle Larry was my mentor and shaped me to be who I am today.
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