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When we think of joint custody we think of a couple divorcing and each parent would have an equal say and equal time with their children. However, this is just a small slice of the picture of joint custody and what it really means.
I do not believe in traditional concepts of love, especially traditional concepts of romance. Those almost never really work, and end up too impulsive and usually in divorce or break up of some sort. I do believe in building love and self-esteem within yourself to create a capacity to...
This is an article in the series about two separate women, each wanting something very important to them at Christmastime.
This is an article in the series about two separate women, each wanting something very important to them at Christmastime.
This is an article on fathers who do not have the money to pay child support. They are often called deadbeat dads. I know this article will not be popular with the ladies but sometimes, some fathers really can't afford the high payments the courts impose.
It doesn’t always have to be the guy getting all the blame since even girls are already addicted to this game. You have seen this happen before. Some couples break off their relationships because one of them got all of his time devoted to a computer game, leaving no time for anythi...
Divorce cannot be avoided in the society.When a man and a woman are united in marriage, they love each other so deeply that after a few months/years,their relations are soured,and bitterness is developed within them, ultimately relations are torn apart .divorce takes place between hu...
Family life is not as easy as it portrays to be. Well what is in a family?You would probably insist a family is made up of husband, wife, and kids.At least an immediate family would definitely consist of it. Cheers to all families with both husband and wife together. Unfortunately di...
With rising divorce rates among Baby Boomers and lower rates of marriage among younger generations, is marriage a threatened institution?
Would you like to still be able to eat after you get a divorce? If you live in Missouri, this article could enable you to do that. This tutorial is written for the common man. It walks you through the process of getting your divorce.
Keeping the pain and stress away from children during and after the divorce.
It has been exactly one year since my divorce, sole custody, & child support order was granted :) I am so happy to be out of that mess :)
Can life partners avoid a separation from happening? The risk we have to take in keeping the marriage together.
Families are made by the bonds that we share with each other, the links that we have and the love we give and receive.
Relationship breakdown is hard to cope with. Here are some tips to help you get through.
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