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The age of my years can be summed up when that gray has turned white
Living in a seniors residence provides security at times. However, the security can only work if the tenants cooperate.
A quarter of the average workforce could be nearing retirement age in the next five years and this writer questions conventional wisdom in relation to taking fit and active people away from the workforce when they are both willing and able to perform actively. Indeed the UK has recent...
In a perfect world, everyone would retire with plenty of money to be able to afford to live out their sunset years in comfort and joy. But such is not always the case.
People talk a lot about the midlife crisis, but there are a whole bunch of little things that just kind of happen as you grow older at different stages of life.
When you are retired making those same dishes that you created for your family can still be done on a much smaller basis. Hope you enjoy some of the recipes that I will be including in this article.
When we were young, we thought that we'd work forever, or at least as long as our health held out. But then there comes a time to lay the burden of work down. For me, the time is now.
The Baby Boomers, in great numbers, are getting ready to retire. Alicia H. Munnell has a new book out that offers three choices for retirement.
The realty of today's 401-K retirement accounts and the true state of the US economy.
Learn some ideas that could make your retirement happen early. In addition, valuable tips on how to create a better life in retirement are given.
There is more to life after retirement than just reading paper and dozing in the easy-chair. A pet can make you engaged, but at the same time give you happiness.
Retirement life is a challenging ,undaunted period..During this phase life will be enriched with no of activities like doing household jobs, playing with grand children,pets,reading daily newspapers,books,watching tv shows..More over, we may be engaged in developing the hobby of p...
One man's treasure is sometimes another man's trash. What is the true value of memories? A very short piece on generational differences.
More and more seniors have to fend for themselves and live alone. They are bogged down with routines to maintain themselves giving them little or no time to contribute to society much as they would have liked to. Here is a concept. Read on.
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