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One life story which I would like to share. Thanks
When I think back on some of the things my jealous friends and the acts they performed, it's astonishing. I decided they were not friends at all, just pretend to be.
People will come and go, some are only in our lives for a little while. It is normal to argue, and sometimes we forget ourselves hurting those we love. It is important to admit when we are wrong, and make every effort to treat our friends the way we want them to treat us.
There are those that will claim to be your friend, swearing undying loyalty but always vanish when things are not convenient for them. Then there are those that will drain you emotionally, physically and financially while claiming they are helping you. In their mind they believe the l...
Your friends may be of different ages. They are your role models. You learn new and different things from them
Friends are the real charm of our lives. So it is very important to choose the right person as a friend in our lives.
She was my favorite teacher. Yet, when I was in trouble I lied my way out of it.
I lost many friends through my illness, but recently I was put back in touch with someone who I met on holiday, but lost touch with. I now understand the importance of staying in touch with friends and valuing friendships.
Reggie and Sylvia Mills lived in the next building from me. They were a delightful elderly couple that I befriended until they past away.
Strong familial ties that bind siblings usually translate to close friendships
May it be for real or virtually, no one is an island and everyone needs a friend to call on.
The age of computer technology is wonderful but sometimes miscommunication can happen and disagreements ensue through emails. This article is written from the stream of consciousness genre written back in 2005 for a creative writing course.
Loving others is not easy. It needs a heart of kindness. All religious teachings or commandments are based on love.
Friends are our life and we all love to make more and more friends in our life without knowing that many of these so called friends are fake. How to tackle these fake friends is really a tough task and i have tried to put some light into this matter here
The fun which i used to get during rainy season when i was in my younger days were memorable to me.I also feel today's kids never kid these fun as most of today's kids like to stay indoor playing video games or watching movies etc
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