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If you are a victim of domestic violence, you should never choose to suffer alone. You have to understand what your rights are and should take advantage of whatever legal support you can get.
A Montreal cardiologist killed his two young children in 2009 to spite his wife. He never went to jail but spend time in Pinel Institute the mental hospital for the criminally insane. He was released and the public was outraged. He now has had his second trial and is found guilty.
The psychology of honor killing is a topic that is slowly infiltrating the Western World. Normally, one would think of honor killing as something that is done in the Middle East or Africa somewhere. Now more and more countries such as Germany, UK, USA, and Canada are experiencing this...
If your love one or someone you know is a victim of cyberbully, help him out and hear his problems. Do not leave the victim alone. Stop cyberbully from spreading.
This is the story of how I lived with a bipolar husband for 15 years.
We we talk about spousal abuse many times the men who have been abused are never talked about. This series will focus on abused men.
Sexual abuse wounds and traumatizes it's victims. However, one can be healed; the scars will fade in time.
This page will be about community violence. As a survivor, I feel it is important to raise awareness on this not so well known issue, as it is usually vulnerable people such as single parents, children, people with mental ill health who suffer the most.
This is a a story of a battered woman and her son who were lucky they made away from the abusing boyfriend without getting murdered.
I had an intense, loving relationship with my ex-husband for 5 years and even had 2 children with him before we finally got married. From the wedding day, I began to realise that I did not truly know this man. It was as if from the wedding day, he let his true nature be seen. I emerge...
About UK legistlation concerning the Serious Crime Bill . The new amendment that was introduced last month by the UK government would allow the spouse a new line of defense. The spouse can now claim that he was acting in his partners’ best interest when he inflicted violence, contro...
Abuse does not have to be physical. Sometimes the abuse that does the most harm is the abuse of the spirit, gotten though words or actions. I remember as a child feeling better about being whipped with a belt, as it felt like it relieved the tension somehow.
A 3 different poems spurred by "World Kindness Day" back to back with a poem about mating in animal kingdom and a piece dedicated to a missing cat.
Those defending the rights of men are not doing an easy job.Though it's not Godly to advocate for violence of any kind,this task is too huge for them.
In this page we'll discuss the Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (CSAAS)
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