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There are 4 different ways in which the shepherds who were given the news of the birth of Jesus were the first.
Going to each book of the Bible and reading the 3:16 passage [in those books which have three chapters that are long enough to have 16 verses] is revealing, and a delightful exercise.
A study of the archaeological finds in the last 150 years has substantially proven the trustworthiness of events, places, people, and customs found in the Bible.
Various considerations in regard to the credibility of the New Testament gospels.
All of humanity existed in a very special place, even before the foundation of the world, and then, one by one, each individual made their way to this earth and made their mark in this world.
In the very near future there will be a new buying and selling system in place for implementation on a global scale.
A brief look at the idea of "once saved always saved".
A challenge to those who believe that they are past being forgiven by God.
Reviewing the prayers of the apostle Paul as he prays for those in the churches he is writing to
A short treatise on the belief of 'once saved, always saved'
The early history of the doctrine of Original sin, and a look at Ezekiel 18 and common sense.
The people who are waiting for Happy Ramadan 2017, will find here everything related to Ramadan 2017.
God encouraged Jesus as He was walking up the hill. God told Jesus that He could make it and that God was walking right beside Him as He walked each step closer.
This article points out the bold arrogance of the Feminist movement. You will also read the comment of a Christian woman in regard to the Feminists.
World governments are breaking down. Civil, political and religious foundations are being destroyed. What can we who know God do? This article tells us.
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