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While the Biblical account of the flood may be considered a myth by some, it demands critical examination. The realities of the flood surpass myth and legend, and the evidence of the flood exists worldwide.
Our planet and the entire universe is held in existence by the Word of power.
Thoughts to consider in regard to the belief of whether or not Adam and Eve were truly historical figures.
A significant truth that cannot be denied has been totally misunderstood. If grasped by everyone the world would stop to celebrate forever.
The account of blind Bartimaeus, and what his determination to be healed by Jesus made him do.
The most incredible power in the universe has been extended to the earth for use by those who dare to take it up.
Most people are familiar with the cliche, "...the patience of JΘB." But the hardships presented in the 1st chapter could dissuade the reader from reading on, and not see the character traits that distinguish JΘB from most men in his day.
The unthinkable statement of Jeremiah 3:16 is a prediction of the obsolescence of the Old covenant and a prediction of a new one.
Facing a New Year, we may decide to do things in the usual fashion. If you are searching for a strategy or game plan, here is one that might work for you.
Answering the questions regarding the Magi, and notes on their visit, Matthew 2:1-12.
A recommendation to buy ornaments for a Christmas tree from visited places which show the year purchased.
A comparison of scripture with the tenets of Calvinism, along with related discussions.
Though there were other symbols used in early Christianity, the symbol of the cross is most prevalent. Why might this be so?
God reminded His people that some of His actions were based on His continued appreciation of King David's faithfulness. This is a call for our continued faithfulness.
Jesus discusses the slave-master situation, and draws a comparison to our service to God. Though we fall far short of perfection, we are still greatly rewarded.
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