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We all know for a fact that not all possessions can be handled the same way while packing and moving your stuff to your new abode
Painting is a vital home decor strategy that is used to freshen up dull rooms because applying a fresh coat is an affordable way to enhance your home.
Everyone wants to have their own place –a place to call home. And for people who move around a lot, such as college kids, or even young adults with fancy jobs, flats on rent provide the perfect little space to call home.
This is a true account, but I will not give any details because it is about my boyfriend, and he likes that the least information possible be given out on the Internet about his origin etc.
Well-designed kitchens look beautiful; they add value to your home and can enhance your family life when they become the hub of the home. But kitchens are so well used that they can become a little tired after a while. You don't want to have to redecorate your kitchen regularly, and w...
You probably have at least one friend whose home is always flawlessly clean no matter when you drop by. There are no clothes scattered around the house, no dust on the shelves or somewhere else.
It is a sentimental journey of returning home after i studied at a far off place like Kolkata and did the government service through out the state of West Bengal for the last 47 years . When I think over this , I became nostalgic .as well ...
This story first appeared in Storytime Tapestry, the Alvinston newspaper and it was written August 2005, and you think by now that the housing situation in Montreal would improve but it has not. It has gotten worse.
We've officially seen Australian firm Andrew Maynard Architects' pizazz for the surprising with the Cut Paw house. Tower House sees the practice raise the stakes by turning an ordinary weatherboard home in Alphington, Victoria, into a delightful "town" involving various tower-like str...
Just a group of picture from the small city that I grew up close to, and where I went "to town" at for my youth.
moving home is usually a stressful period for any one. with little planning and its execution it can be fun rather than the other way.
Bachelor pads are usually considered a place devoid of style, taste and furniture, but is it time for these stereotypes to die out? I examine how the modern man can defy expectations and design a stylish and comfortable bachelor pad to suit a single man’s lifestyle.
This page details why people rekey their locks, whether they have moved into a new house or in the existing home.
Retrieve and transform old furniture is a great way to transform a room cheaply. Here, two bedside tables shabby wood was stacked, painted and revamped with legs and handles to create a super convenient style shabby chic .
For years during the nineties I would wake up from a dream with a strong image of a view that puzzled me. It was a view where in the distance two mountains ended up in the sea.
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