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I’ve been editing and posting the chapters to my novel of late with the intention of giving the whole thing away after it was pirated from Smashwords by general-ebooks.The events that follow have interrupted my wah as it were. Sometimes life just gets in the way. I put away my sword and decided to see what will happen if I just attack it with my pen. Also I’d like to be out of jail for my great-granddaughter’s birthday. Life gets stranger and strangerer. Meet my youngest brother, Nick.

~sexual predator~

My name is Tom Sterner. Nick is my younger brother. I’m sixty-three, he’s fifty-two years old. Three weeks ago, our sister, Lily Beaugh discovered Nick in a sexual situation with Sarah, our nineteen-year-old great niece. He had been mentoring her on guitar, helping her with gigs at Paris on the Platte, etc. Lily didn’t talk to me about the situation until today when he showed up at her house and informed her Sarah was leaving with him. I would have introduced him to the business end of a 2” X4”. I’ve decided to go public with this instead. Nick’s one of those guys who maneuvers himself into mentorship positions with young folks, then what. If you or anyone you know runs with him or have family or friends in his association, I advise you to run away while you can. Take a look at the fresh youth on the face of his twenty-year-old girlfriend. She is his great niece. He is “Uncle Nick.” He gets drunk with her and they get after it. If you or anyone you know have been leveraged by Nick, contact me at ~wordwulf~. We’re filing sexual predator reports with the state of Colorado and will link you up with authorities.

~unwitting victim~

~forbidden fruit~
~morals & integrity~

April has been an interesting month for me, most important and best of all, the celebration of my granddaughter, Eden’s third birthday on the thirteenth. Just before the end of March, I discovered a couple of my novels, Momma’s Rain and Cranial Loop had been pirated from Smashwords and are available as free downloads at ~general e-books~ and ~cranial loop~. Upon further investigation, I found this to be true, over 50,000 downloads and clipping right along at 10,000 a day. Damn, wish they’d have sold like that at $2.99 apiece.

Momma’s Rain is a novel describing the first twelve years of my life here in Denver, first son of an alcoholic father and a mother who was raised in a Catholic Orphanage. My youngest brother, Nick, the seventh Sterner, was born in 1962. We had a helluva life, survived in part and there are those parts that just plain damned didn’t have any natural chance to survive. Oldest child in the family, I spent my childhood in fear of being separated from my siblings, sure the state or the cops, someone would pull us out of the fire in an effort to save us. That didn’t happen. Each of us went out into the world, prison, jail, dope & booze. We had a helluva life. I’m sixty-three years old and, for the most part I don’t know where my siblings are and/or what they are doing. Around forty years old I realized a man who has been an older brother and custodial parent to his siblings would probably have difficulties in relationships with folks in general, his siblings in particular. Momma pleaded with me to pull them back together before she died. I detested the words as they fell from my mouth, “I can’t do it no more, Momma.” I had never been able to say no to Momma and now she’s dead.

Yesterday the oldest of my three sisters, Lily, phoned me, weeping and hysterical, to tell me Nick was having sex with Sarah, our 19-year-old great niece and had taken her from the house. Last time I saw him was at Sarah’s wedding a year or so ago. Sarah played guitar and sang songs at my wedding in 2009. Lily told me Nick’s been mentoring Sarah on guitar, going with her to play coffee house gigs, she with him to do his running for God gigs. She stepped into her basement and found them in a sexually compromising position a few weeks ago. Hoping to work something out with Sarah, she kept the incident to herself. That didn’t work so she called me. I don’t have the energy or street connections I had years ago but I am a writer. I intend to hunt this dawg down and reveal him for what he is. Here is a link to witness his hypocrisy at 700 Club. Most of what you hear are stories spun to put him in a survival hero spotlight. As I said before, we had a helluva life. We were born dirty white trash. That is no excuse for his behavior and I am determined to take him to task.

There is no excuse for internet thieves either and they are equally difficult to deal with. After researching and wrangling with those stealing my work, I decided to do a final edit on ~momma’s rain~, post it on my website http://wordwulf.com/mommasrain and www.wikinut.com so fellow spirit travelers interested in the story could read it, download it, at no cost. You can steal the story written in third person if you prefer by visiting the link in the first paragraph. If you’re interested in the blood & guts story of where my brother and I come from, it’s all there. Most of it isn’t pretty but it’s the truth, something you won’t run into much when dealing with my God-running, woman-using, sexual predator brother. I want something good to happen like my brother lies about, maybe one of the women he uses doesn’t end up pregnant like so many of his past conquests. Sarah shouldn’t give birth to her, not so great in my opinion, uncle’s son.

Speaking of good, I have five wonderful productive adult children, eight beautiful grandchildren and a great-granddaughter, Jessa, who will be six-years-old May 12. We’re gathering to celebrate her life Saturday, May 10. They call me Papa, my grandchildren and Jessa. Papa will be there, glad and protective of our circle, willing to ferret out the parasites, whatever it takes to do what I can to protect the innocent, especially while they still are.

Sarah, if you come to your senses and decide to break away, wherever you are, contact me 720-270-1602 and I’ll pull you out. I have no fear of my brother or his God-mouth.

Thanks for listening,
Tom (wordwulf) sterner
~momma's rain~


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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
23rd Apr 2014 (#)

Good evening, Tom, I wonder if you would like this shared? I spent about 20 years working with women in recovery much like Sarah - either blinded by the light or blind-sided and abused without understanding the nature of their loved one. I am glad that you wrote rather than react physically, although I believe I understand that response as well. Let me know about sharing it and I'll do what I can to put the info out there. ~Marilyn

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author avatar WordWulf
23rd Apr 2014 (#)

I appreciate your response & would appreciate this story shared as much as possible. My brother has many one-woman children in his past. He is head of a company that coordinates events for churches, rehabs, etc. & I am fairly sure has impregnated our young niece who is a young woman with plenty of problems of her own. I've been writing this out to handcuff myself so I won't do the thing that will put me where he should be, behind bars. I appreciate your comment & willingness to assist Sarah & others within his future reach.

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author avatar MarilynDavisatTIERS
23rd Apr 2014 (#)

Sharing now. Get some sleep, Tom. ~Marilyn

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author avatar WordWulf
23rd Apr 2014 (#)

Thank-you. I'll run these six page shares & take your advice.

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