the lonlyness of old age

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being in retirement for 2 years and to ajust my life style wasn,t easy
worked stopped and children have left the nest, raised 4 children when they left the nest it was just as hard to drop back to making meals for one let alone retirement. when not much visiting gets done. from ones family. haven,t figured out yet how to incourage one children back for visits. as the years tick by its get more lonelyier then befor

my ever loving family

What ive realized through my travels to this age in time. When young one can,t wait for their children to fly the nest. and a person has some time to themselves. then granchildren come along. and the baby sitting sets in. which I loved doing . then by the time I got to retirement. and great grand children started to arrive. the space through visits became wider and wider.Don,t they need grannie anymore. It does get a very lonely time in retirement.when one works they on the go all the time but in retirement. one has time to think and miss there of spring.
Knowing my own fast pace in life. did I neglect my parents. and the pace in society is much faster these day ,The days gone and there still lot more to do..
I console myself in the fact that I must of taught my children rightly..and they don,t need a parents guidance any more.
but what really is need is just a visit say once ever six months. and have a chat over old times or how things going for them .A visit does wonder to an older persons mind
A ph call is nice but not the same. When a single person lives on there own. its more aloneness then if the husband still alive. Its the closeness one has with their children when young is whats missing. One realizes that they to are going through the bussy est time raising their children. and involved with their friends. makes time less available then when the children are young.when their children get older they have less time for their aging parents.our lives go into our children and what comes back on elderly.
is the endeaver and life of their children. and this to adds confusings to the parents.
i pray ever day to keep and guide my children in the right directions , but a visist from them would bemuch appreciated. I do see them accasionally but usually one doesn,t get the time to just sit and talk. idle chit chat. that lightens the energy force. and reminds us of the good part of our lives. When one raises their children to be independent of them they feel they do,nt need the parents any more.. But a mother never stops worring about them. and to hear there voice and chit chat. makes a whole lot of differance. grand parents still have a big role to play in their lives. but not from a distance.a close encounter is nice even if its only every six months or so. So any of you mothers and sons out there whom read this , just stop for a bit and ask yourself when was the last time you sat and talked to your mum or dad. of what he or she would like to talk about. even if its the past one has heard over and over again. Stranger from out side the family are very supportive but its not the same thing as your own children.Amother whole life goes iinto their children so if they don,t visit very often then the retirement time is very lonely for them. The key to life is honour thy father and mothers. just call in now and again stay for a viist and a chit chat. It does the world of good for the parents and the children and grandchildren will benefit from it. retirement can be an empty life with out the revisits of their family.and revising old times


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