the husband who told his wife she looked like a whale

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A wife is worried why her husband seemed to have lost interest in her

the dilemma

She therefore sought the advice of a friend who told her to level up her dealing with her husband. She should surprise him everyday with something to tickle his imagination. Now the woman in dilemma used to be one of the prettiest girls in town. She was even the band majorette for many years at a private school. Everybody thought she was very beautiful until she got married and had children. The once-beautiful lady has transformed into a 180-pound woman and that’s when she started to feel that she was no longer getting her husband’s attention anymore.

the game plan

So following the advice of her best friend, she decided to surprise him on a Valentine’s Day. The husband would usually come home at around 7 in the evening, so she prepared everything to give him the surprise of his life. She bought a red negligee which revealed everything at first glance. Then she bought a dimmer, a lamp actually and made sure her husband’s favorite wine sat on the table as well.

enter the dragon

When she heard his car pull in the garage, she dimmed the light, played a very romantic music, and spread herself on the bed wearing the very sexy negligee she had earlier purchased. She was sporting what she thought was her most magnetic smile while awaiting her dearly beloved.

the moment of truth

The door opened and she saw the surprised expression on her husband’s face when he found the room in dim lights and everything. Then when his eyes landed on the glowing woman on the bed, the unexpected happened. It was the wife who ended up being surprised when her husband simply commented after assessing everything, “What’s happening to you? You look like a whale!” Well.

never again

That was the end of the wife's efforts to attract her husband's attention the way she did when she was only a sweet young thing.

now a woman past her prime

The woman in this story has learned that she can no longer be who she was. She has to deal with the fact that she is now old and overweight. Well, that's life.

growing old gracefully?

Maybe growing old gracefully is just a myth, she said. She is obviously not happy with the fact that she no longer possesses the things that made people look and look again. And to be told that she looked like a whale by her own husband must be a big blow to her. Well, what do you expect from men.


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author avatar Buzz
6th May 2012 (#)

You mean she just kept silent when her old goat of a husband said that?

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author avatar rarity
6th May 2012 (#)

Yeah, all her efforts unappreciated by the goat.

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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
6th May 2012 (#)

I feel sorry for that poor wife. Thank you for sharing.

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author avatar rarity
6th May 2012 (#)

Thanks too Prad.

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author avatar M G Singh
7th May 2012 (#)

Good post Rarity. This is part of life

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author avatar rarity
7th May 2012 (#)

Thank you, Madan.

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