some sense the baby's cries and fruit may be trying to communicate through crying baby.

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Crying is your baby's main form of communication and respond to his cries could soon be one of the ways you communicate your love and support. Similarly, a brief review of the meaning of the crying baby and the baby keeps crying for various reasons. Learn more about why babies fuss and cry and soothe crying infants.

Recognize and know the meaning of the crying baby

- Hungry
A hungry baby cry and fuss because the most common, especially in the early months of life. He will not stop crying before being given milk. The usual pattern of whining hungry cries characterized by persistent, demanding and almost rhythmical. But the rhythm of music is certainly no element at all.

- Wet Diaper
Diaper wet with pee or defecate cause discomfort and make the baby cry continuously until his diaper cleaned and replaced.

- Bored
Baby cries and moans rhythmic accompaniment of sobs could be meaningful cries bored. Aside from attention and food, babies also need a lot of stimulation. And if they do not get it, they will cry. The trick is to lift your baby and play with him. This may make some parents frown being perceived as spoiling a baby. But stimulation is also one of the main needs of the baby and it would not hurt to give it during growth.

- Fatigue
By the time the baby exhausted after traveling and can not sleep, he would often cry. He felt tired with the surrounding atmosphere uncomfortable and because of bad climate.

- Hot or cold
For more loudly crying baby is too hot or cold. If the baby is feeling too hot or cold it will be difficult to break so he cried. The baby will feel comfortable in the room with good ventilation.

- Clothing that is tight
Babies will be difficult to tolerate tight clothing especially during hot weather. Rubber clothes that are too tight also cause pain in the waist area. This discomfort will make the baby keeps crying. Read Tips on Buying Baby Clothes and Children's Clothes Online and Tips on Choosing Baby Clothes Safe and Comfortable.

- The rooms are too dark or bright
When the baby wakes up from sleep he needs some light. In the circumstances it would be too dark to cry loudly to wake their parents or guardians. Of course he will also cry at the time of exposure to light is too bright.

- Mosquitoes
Mosquito bites can be a cause for sudden infant crying. Use a mosquito net over the bed to avoid mosquito bites.

- Nasal congestion
Nasal congestion due to colds and fussy baby is a cause of insomnia. He will cry until her breathing channel open.

- Phlegm in throat

Phlegm in throat also makes it difficult to breathe and make babies often cry.

- Diaper Rash
Diapers that are too tight, wet and not immediately replaced will cause diaper rash. The rash can also be caused by an allergic reaction to the elastic material in diapers. Diaper rash in infants will cause pain and cause a fussy baby and insomnia. Other types of skin lesions such as eczema, candidiasis, etc. will also result in the same problems and make babies cry loudly. Also read about How to Overcome and Treat Diaper Rash.

- Infection

All types of infection will cause little or a lot of pain or irritation is the cause of loud crying and fussy baby. The infection can attack all areas of the body and is usually associated with fever, redness and swelling.

- Teething
At the time of teething babies often cry and become difficult to sleep, usually due to a tooth infection or stomach problems and diarrhea.

- Difficult defecation
Babies constipation with hard stools may cry out when I had a bowel movement. There are also children who are afraid to defecate due to pain.

- Vomiting milk
vomiting milk is the cause of sudden infant cried the other. vomiting milk on a baby evisceration of stomach due to various causes such as breast milk or formula excessive, position breastfeeding or formula feeding is wrong, a rudimentary digestive functions, etc., can be a bit (like spit) or quite a lot, as well as passive and spontaneous. vomiting milk is very commonly experienced by infants under 4 months of age, and the incidence of vomiting milk generally decreases with age.

- Pain all over body
Pain in the whole body that causes a fussy baby and insomnia usually occurs during the incubation period of the flu or infectious disease that makes babies cry continuously.

- Ask accompanied
On average baby needs someone nearby. If she feels lonely she cried. If her favorite doll fell from his grasp he will cry for help.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
8th Jul 2014 (#)

They need constant attention too especially from their mothers, to feel loved - siva

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author avatar ni putu army
8th Jul 2014 (#)

very true, although sometimes they like to burn our emotions because he is fussy but we must remain calm and always patient with her.

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author avatar pohtiongho
13th Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks for this informative post, Ni Putu. It doesn't take a medical doctor to write all these, but it is very rare that we come across all these elsewhere. Great job.

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