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have you ever found yourself loving your best friends boyfriend? lets admit does happen and that is only because we are human. what if you could actually have him all for your self? well, let me show you how.

How To Snatch Your Best Friends Boyfriend

How to snatch your best friend’s boyfriend is not something that you should be thinking of but such is life. She has got everything going for her and there you are, always coming behind; living in her shadows. It ought not to be so but life is such a bitch sometimes. Well, now you are envious; really getting green with envy. Sometimes, you just wish there is something ....anything… you could do about it.

Again, in the area that matters most, your best friend appears to have it all worked out. She has the perfect relationship. Oh…how you love her boyfriend and you would want him all for yourself. Though it’s not the best thing to do; not the sanest thing to think of, I know but I will be giving you some pointers on how to snatch your best friend’s lover.

Damn it, we are living in an insane world. Perhaps, it will grease a little of the pains you have already.

Pointers On Snatching Your Best Friend’s Boyfriend

Pointer 1
Watch out for her lapses

No matter how perfect a relationship is, there are always those salient and silent lapses. Make it your goal to discover them. Watch out for her lapses. What’s the guy complaining about her? What’s she complaining about him? You will know these things because you are her best friend. If you discover all or some of her lapses, you now use it against her by working on her boyfriend on these areas; endearing yourself to him and giving her the perfect Judas kiss.

Pointer 2
Do those little caring things you know most girls would never do

We men, no matter how huge and macho looking we are, are just big babies needing as much reciprocal attention as we dish out, if not even more. Most women don’t know this and always expect to be at the receiving end. If you show some attention to your best friends boyfriend, especially in the areas where your best friend is lacking, you are already close to snatching him away from her. Take for instance; you could buy him a pair of socks. Most women will never think of these. As you buy such seeming insignificant items, please tell him not to tell your best friend as ladies are very jealous. He will get the drift. If he doesn’t tell, you are close to snatching him, but if he does tell on you, then you still have a lot of work to do.

Pointer 3
Be interested in what he is doing at present

What is he doing at present? Did he just land a contract? Did he just lose a loved one? Is he passing through some trying period? Is he having some challenges at the place of work or with your friend? Show some interest. This will surely make him think of you in more than just a friend kind of way.

Pointer 3
Say nice things about him

Everyone loves a sincere flattery. Always say good things to him. This will not only make him feel important but he will come to know that you do actually care; especially if your friend is the nagging and fault-finding type. Such sincere flattery as…. you are so gentlemanly; I like the way you smile; I love your skin color, etc will go a long way to endearing you to him. But, caution. Make sure your best friend is not there when you make such flattering remarks.

Pointer 4
Buy him little cheap gifts

Buying cheap gifts like, say handkerchiefs is a good thing to do once in a while. Always make sure that your friend doesn’t get to know about these cheap and simple gifts. All you are doing is endearing yourself to him. Now, will all these attitudes make you appear cheap? No; not as long as you don’t jump into bed with him in a hurry.

Pointer 5
Tell him you wish you had meet him first

It pays to innocently tell him you wish you had met him before your friend did. Don’t say it seriously but in a jocular way and laugh over it. Believe, he is going to think over it before going to bed. What you just said coupled with all the tricks you have been displaying will point him in the right direction.

Pointer 6
Romance him without sleeping with him

This should be the last step you should take in your seduction tactics. It’s very important and necessary. It’s the final step of the seduction process that finally lands you the fish; your best friend’s boyfriend. The truth is that, you don’t just start kissing or romancing your best friend boyfriend. You may have to initiate it, but allow him to round it up. If you however do your job well, he will be the one taking the initiative.

For this plan to work the atmosphere must be right; you must be alone with him. Now, a caution! Do not sleep with him, please. Even if all your senses are begging you to. Do everything with him; even go second degree but don’t make love to him. If you do that just so soon, you will appear to be a cheap slut.

Dear, I don’t envy you one bit in your plan to seduce and snatch your best friend’s boyfriend. God luck to you, if there is anything like that.


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