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Being able to ride a bicycle was a dream-come-true to kids in our community back in the day.

where to get the bicycle?

I must have been about 10 years old at that time when people still moved around in bicycles. Cars were only quite a few. So few we even played in the middle of the streets. It was indeed very cool to see people who were able to go wherever they wanted because they had bicycles. This made us, a group of kids in the neighborhood, desire to know how to pedal and balance a bicycle. However, not one of us had any bicycle.

a plan was hatched

The oldest among us, a boy who must have been 12, suddenly had an idea. We would go to a nearby school where several college students went to school in bicycles. There was a special parking area for these bicycles and our leader decided that we could learn how to ride a bicycle by "borrowing" the parked students' parked bicycles while they were having classes. Since we were all so desperate to learn how to ride a bicycle, we all thought it was a brilliant idea.

one bicycle for each of us

So we did it. We would each randomly pick a parked bicycle and used it for practice. When we heard the bell for dismissal, we would all rush to return the bicycles. We did this for over two weeks. Not one of the owners found out about what happened to their bikes while they were busy learning their lessons. And we did this sort of "borrowing" or "stealing" without being noticed until one day, one of the owners went out of her class too early.

where's my bicycle?

When she found out that her bicycle wasn't there, she immediately made a report to the police and we only found out about this when the police arrived. You know what, we were brought to the police station but we tearfully told the police that we were only trying to "borrow" the bicycles. The police, after warning us not to touch the bicycles again, dismissed us and told us all to go home. And you know what, this was one episode of my childhood that I kept secret to my parents. They never knew about this incident.


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author avatar Buzz
22nd Apr 2012 (#)

Aspire to have a star on your page, rarity. I helps a lot. 40 pages without one is like a lover who hasn't experienced sex...lol (joke). Go for it. Learn the links, uploading images and embedding videos. Good luck!

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author avatar rarity
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

Buzz, that's too much to for me to learn. I have very limited know-how regarding links, images, and embedding videos. And I think the star is too high for me to reach. Thanks once again for dropping by.

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author avatar Tess Irons
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

Rarity, please keep sharing with us your experiences. I am always delighted reading your articles. They make me chuckle. Very good writing.

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author avatar rarity
23rd Apr 2012 (#)

Thank you very much, Tess. I have a trunkful of weird stories from real life.

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