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just a little glimpse into the life of a mother , what we deal with daily

being a mommy

If i were asked before i had kids if i would do these things , i would say no . If i were asked if i would wipe off snot with my bare hand or if nasty over loaded diapers would bother me , yes of course they would .

When i became a mother everything changed! I quickly learned the love i could feel for a sweet child was like no other , Yes they are messy , loud, cranky , and so much more but they steal your heart in no time and then you are wrapped around their little finger .

so here is just a little glimpse of a few things i deal with when it comes to my kids , their ages are 10 , 4 & 2 .

when you get to town and realize you have something all over your shirt ... oh well i have kids i am not even worried about it . I have done this so many times it is unreal .

Wake up with whatever the kids had in their cup in my hair . I have woke up with my hair stiff because the milk in their cup dumped into my hair over night , frustrating but oh well .

Sleeping so uncomfortable with little feet kicking into your back all night , their whole body laying side ways , but dealing with it anyways . my youngest thinks his head has to be on my pillow .

When you reach over and wipe their runny nose with your bare hand without even thinking about it , i think we have all done that one .

When a exploded nasty diaper does not even make you gag , i wonder why that is . I used to have a sensitive stomach but no longer do .
When you sit and have to listen to the kids fuss and fight all day just because they have been in a bad and cranky mood all day for no reason what so ever .

Take the piece of candy they no longer want even though it has a little slobber on it , come on we have all done it.
You are so used to quick in and out showers because you have a child standing in the bathroom watching and waiting for you to get out the whole time .
A trip to the bathroom without a child and you know they must be into something because they always seem to know when i go and make sure they come running .

how they steal our hearts

I do not know why or how but i do know that one look at my babies when they were born and i was in love .
My kids are my world and i would do anything for them . Even on the days when they drive me nuts , i still want their sweet little hugs and kisses .
One little " i love you momma " and the worst of my day is all better . It is simply amazing how a child can make you feel like you really matter.
who knew a child could change my whole life and make me see that there is nothing i would rather do than spend my life watching them grow and spoiling them rotten ??


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i am a married mother of three perfect kids !
love being outdoors, mudding, softball, and just fun with friends .

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author avatar Harris Mungai
13th Jan 2015 (#)

Great piece here,children really change our lives making us do things we never thought we would do.
They're such a blessing.

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author avatar blainsmommy
13th Jan 2015 (#)

yes they sure are

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author avatar Carol Roach
13th Jan 2015 (#)

the biggest thrill at all was when my baby first said mama, he was the only child I had and he is grown up now

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author avatar blainsmommy
14th Jan 2015 (#)

ahh i know that feeling

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
14th Jan 2015 (#)

This is a lovely piece blainsmommy .
I pray you have many more happy years with your much loved children
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar blainsmommy
14th Jan 2015 (#)

thank you very much

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author avatar Vickie Collins
17th Jan 2015 (#)

I could say the bathroom thing about my cat, she is not amused if I go in there without her. LOL

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author avatar blainsmommy
18th Jan 2015 (#)

lol its true

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