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Although she could not pet her as mother wanted, your baby can still recognize the smell and sounds of Mother. So often sit and talk nearby so that mother and child bond stronger. Mother gently caress or massage is a soothing way to channel special affection and attention Mom.

knowing premature infants and frequently asked questions about premature babies

Prepare yourself mother and husband to be more prepared when visiting the baby. lavished affection and do not be sad, because the baby may be able to feel it.

- Establish the Inner Bonding with Premature Babies in Hospital

If a baby is born prematurely, most likely he should be put in an incubator. This caused him to have to stay in hospital until strong enough and ready to take home.

- Expressing breast milk for Premature Babies

If the baby is still in the care unit, she may be flushed breast milk to be suckled. Stay calm so that the production of mother's milk remains stable and mother can give her breast milk. If the mother needs to be calm, try the following tips:

* Soak in warm water for Mom quieter and breasts are not sore.
* Gently massage your breasts and dairy by hand. Do the different dairy so as not to cause pain.
* Take frequent visit and stroking the little guy in order to give him the spirit of Mother's milk is high.

- Development of Premature Babies Mother

No tables developments 'average' for premature babies. However, preterm infants do not always face the problem of development in a long time. Remember that the normal baby even reach the rapid development at different times. So calm down first. The most important thing is to keep the spirit and grateful for every step and development of your baby.

- What My Next Can Premature Babies Also?

Approximately 9 out of 10 women who gave birth to her first baby was born prematurely with a normal birth to her second child. Thus, damping concern of this mother. Prepare yourself to be better than worrying. Premature babies usually need to be placed in an incubator which has a temperature control, so that the baby remains at the appropriate temperature such as when a baby is in the womb. This is done, because premature babies often do not have a good temperature control, making it easy freezing. In addition, the placed in the incubator, the baby can breath in the evaluation function (by looking at the movement of the chest / abdomen), also to see the baby's skin color. That is why babies are often placed without clothes (as if covered by clothing will be difficult for surveillance).

Usually, when the baby's weight has reached 2000 - 2250 grams, he was able to be discharged. Of course, before after trying to put the baby out of the incubator and assessed whether infants can adapt to room temperature or not. Once at home, the most important is breastfeeding for the baby as soon as possible so that the baby's weight can weigh the baby is supposed to (about 2500-3000 grams).

- How Can Categorized Premature Babies?

If your baby is born before 37 weeks gestation, weighing less than 2 pounds then your baby is considered premature. Premature babies usually need to be placed in an incubator to control the temperature so that the baby remains at the appropriate temperature as when in the womb.


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