kids-the precious gifts of God

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Kids are the most important phase in life .They are the precious gifts of god.They do not know their circumstances and they have no knowledge of their existence .At this juncture it is the parents who takes over the responsibility of the kids.

Who are kids?

Kids are the most adorable asset in the family.They need the attention of both the parents.They are so lovable that they cannot be ignored at any point of time.Kids are the important citizens of the country.Parents teach them the basic training of life. In addition to that, they learn the letters of the language , They become so trained at home that they may be admitted in pre-primary section.At this age they are naughty and are always in a playful mood.They do not understand the value of time. they can follow the command of their mothers only. But they cannot follow the command of other relatives and teachers. They always remain in a happy mood if they are busy with playing games. As soon as they are admitted in pre primary section.they come under the control of pre-primary teachers. It is really tough on the part of teachers to control all kids in a single class. Gradually the young kids are trained in such a fashion that they become used to their new classes.Initially they are averse to attending school and classes,but a lot of persuasion yields the result. When these kids make friendship with themselves .they develop interest in attending classes, Constant watch on the part of the parents are required to control the kids.It is a great duty thrust upon the parents to discharge gladly.Similarly in every day the kids are taken to classes by bus and after classes brought to home by the same bus. It is the entire responsibility of the bus driver and the competent helpers to discharge their duties in an efficient manner. Now it is the turn of the parents to take their kids to bus and to bring them from at an appointed time.

Kids -an important phase in life

Kids are quite intelligent. They can understand the meaning of the conversation between their parents.They are also diligent but some of them are naughty by nature.We should not underestimate them.Rather they may be given encouragement .They may be encouraged to play / do whatever they like..They should be well nourished so that they may develop their energy and intelligence.Kids are quick-learners.They can learn and achieve results in quick fashion. We should love the kids. if required indulgence may be allowed to them, so that the kids may take the shelter of either of the parents. Moreover the parents should not instil fear in their minds.They should not be given thrashing. Corporal punishment should be avoided in every circumstances.

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16th Oct 2014 (#)

Sharing your knowledge of life to your children is priceless. The toughest job you will ever love is being a parent.

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Thanks for leaving a comment.

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17th Oct 2014 (#)

You are welcome pramalkumarsamanta.

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