keep away from harsh detergents.

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If your skin is frequently irritated by detergent, you likely suffer from contact dermatitis, either the irritant or allergic type.

Detergent allergy cause and cure.

There are many people allergic to detergents and they got symptoms when their skin is in direct contact with a particular washing detergent. The main reason for allergies depends on detergent chemicals such as colors, perfumes, bleaching agent that causes a skin irritant. Washing detergent allergies is a type of skin allergy and the main symptoms, appears on the skin itself. At first, skin irritations can be felt in all those areas that are exposed to detergents. After a while, they makes the skin dry, scaly, skin redness, skin rashes.

When you have allergies, then you have to visit allergist for proper cure. The first stage of treatment is to get relief on the annoying allergy. The antihistamines will help control skin rash. The corticosteroid cream, helps to reduce the inflammation of skin and are often accompanied by oral histamines. calamine lotion is very useful for providing relief in an irritation of skin and an excellent treatment for the skin tingling, numbness,

An excellent home treatment for the stinging skin rashes is cold compression for 20 minutes. Wrap up an ice cube in a towel and apply it gently over them and you will get a soothing relief. Search for that detergent product, which works in both hot and cold water, it will keep you away from allergies, but must be effective to remove stains.

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nice guidelines .thank you for sharing .jk

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