it is not over until it's over

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To be a success story in life, you must possess the courage, the determination, and the will power to become the person you believe you were meant to be.

don't give up

Have you suffered hardship this past year? Have you experienced failure and disappointments in the recent past? Do you feel all hope is lost? You can still regain all you have lost through defeat and failure in the recent past, by starting or beginning afresh with a rekindled hope and fresh determination.

I invite those who are finding life difficult, those who have lost hope of survival, those who think or have been told they can never make it again in life, those who think they are too old to begin again, to share this true life story with me.

A young boy sat for his West Africa School Certificate Examination (WASC) and failed. He wept bettierly. He nearly injured himself. He was comforted and persuaded to sit for another examination. He wrote yet another Examination and failed. Again he wept profusely and he was consoled and further persuaded to try again. This time he took the General Certificate of Education (GCE) but unfortunately he did not make it! And he lost all hope and decided to commit suicide.
He did not let anybody suspect him. He went into a nearby bush, having prepared a strong rope with which he intended to hang himself.

He climbed a tree and tied the rope to one of the branches. As he was about to put his neck in the loop, by divine providence, he noticed a large spider trying to cross from one branch of the tree to another. Each time this spider made attempt it failed and fell. This spider continued its effort several times while this boy was unwittingly counting. At its sixth attempt, the spider made it. It succeeded!

Immediately a message flashed across his mind. He came to his senses and said: "This spider tried to cross to the other side, but failed. It tried again, and again but failed.
It failed five times and succeeded at its sixth attempt. I have only tried three times what if I try again? Even if I fail I can still try again until I make it just like the spider! He therefore changed his earlier decision to commit suicide. He went home with a rekindled hope and a new determination to succeed.

He summed up courage, sat for another G.C.E. exam and he passed all his papers! This time with distinction! Today he is a professor in the faculty of Engineering in one of the reputable universities in Nigeria!

You can never fail in anything until you decide not to make further attempt. It is then you have truly failed. When there is life there is hope.

A living hen may still swallow some corn. Why do you want to give up? Why don't you try again? By trying hard, the monkey learns to jump, from tree to tree without falling down. "It is not over until it is over". A song writer say, "You can get it if you really want, but you must try; try and try".
Struggle definitely is one of the creator's devices for forcing individuals to respond to the law of change in order that the overall plan of the universe may be carried out.

Every great man becomes great because he desires, planned and worked for it. Napoleon Hill says, "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success". Life, they say is a journey of determination. Success is not built on success, it is built on failure; it is built on frustration; sometimes, it is built on catastrophe. Man being man can never be happy without struggle.


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