for parents will need to know things that are most favored by the baby you can see them here.

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You should know that there are some things that are favored by the baby and you have to try it.

Some things are the preferred by infants.

- Mirror
Although fascinated by the funny faces in the mirror, do not realize is actually a little baby like that face. If you put lipstick on the red dots on the face of the one year and put him in front of the mirror, he will try to reach the red circle in the mirror. He had not realized that there were red dots on his face alone. Around the age of 18 months, then he could recognize himself in the mirror behind.

- Something is in contrast
The ability of the newborn to distinguish different shades are not the same as the larger baby. It is difficult for the two months to distinguish sea green with pale green. Meanwhile, black and white are the most contrasting color, so that the objects in this color combination is more visually appealing. At the age of three or four months, the baby immediately 'enchanted' at the sight of bright colors. Whatever the color, patterned or bold stripes consisting of a row of color is visually much more interesting than just the color and slim-color contrast is also evident challenging.

- The face is familiar
Newborns can not stare deep into your eyes lovingly. He is only interested in the glasses than your skin tone. There is a contrasting object again! Once the vision-growing around the age of two months-he was able to focus on the shape of your face and like him better than any other form.

- Movement
Ever seen a baby hooked on the fan hanging on the ceiling? Something that can move always fascinated him. It never looks the same, even always look new.

- The sounds
Sound is a source of concern. That is why a lot of toys are created with sounds. Behind it all, a kind of baby toy rattle is the world's first sound perfect. Toys are issued a single, but the actual sound produced can vary, depending on how quickly hard or soft when shaken.


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