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here is a page to do with the elderly and how we all should take care of them
as they have us in the past.

the elderly

David Rogers, a councillor and chairman of the Local Government Association's community wellbeing board, accused the government of underfunding local authorities, leaving councils with "tough decisions" over the services they can provide.

Statistics released by the Labour party showed marked rises in the cost of council services for elderly and disabled people over the past year.

Analysis of data from 93 out of the 153 councils in England showed there has been a 13% rise in the cost of meals on wheels, with the average price of a meal rising from £3.17 to £3.44.

There has also been a 33% increase in transport fees, with the average cost of travel to places such as daycare centres now standing at £2.32 per journey.

Labour said the data also revealed a "postcode lottery" in the amount people pay for social care, with huge disparities across the country.

People living in the London borough of Tower Hamlets pay nothing for personal care, while those in Cheshire East are charged more than £20 an hour, for example.

Rogers said: "These results highlight what we already know: the current social care system is not fit for purpose. It is underfunded and in need of urgent reform.

"We all want to know that everything possible is being done to ensure our elderly friends and relatives are treated with the dignity and respect they rightly deserve and councils are committed to doing the very best for people in later life.

"But councils are facing the long-term triple pressures of insufficient funding, growing demand and escalating costs and despite their best efforts, they are having to make tough decisions about the care services they can provide."

The data, obtained under the Freedom of Information law, showed elderly and disabled people are being charged an average of £13.49 per hour for home care – a rise of 6% in two years.

This means someone who does not receive state help and gets 10 hours of support a week pays around £7,015 per year.

Rogers said there was no "one-size-fits-all approach" and that different councils faced "very different pressures" in adult social care.

"Decisions need to be taken locally," he added.

The Department of Health said: "Local authorities are responsible for non-residential care. Any charges they choose to make must be fair and affordable.

"The government is providing an extra £7.2bn over the next four years to councils so they can protect services that support vulnerable people.


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hi i come from birmingham in the uk i like writing about poems and stories .

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author avatar Buzz
14th Jan 2012 (#)

Enjoyed reading this article, john. Very pleased to meet you.

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author avatar john57
14th Jan 2012 (#)

thanks buzz.

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author avatar Sheila Newton
14th Jan 2012 (#)

When I was nursing, I so often cared for the elderly. They are so vulnerable in all societies.

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author avatar john57
14th Jan 2012 (#)

all i can say sheila is thanks for all the good work you have done in the past.

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author avatar Retired
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Firstly, warm welcome to Wikinut.

This is an important issue-thanks for your article on it.

I helped take care of my father in the final stages of Parkinson's (with dementia)..and understand it is no small task.

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author avatar john57
15th Jan 2012 (#)

hi rama i af lost both my mom
and dad with illnees its true you dont know what you had untill its gone.

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Interesting with info. Thanks.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
15th Jan 2012 (#)

Beautifully said...!!!

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author avatar ittech
16th Jan 2012 (#)

Very good sharing. I like it.

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author avatar Denise O
20th Jan 2012 (#)

This is a very important issue we all should open our eyes to. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar krrymarie
20th Jan 2012 (#)

Being a home carer myself and worked or a few agency and now for my local council.
Normally local council care is free and if it is like ours we do assement period then the person goes to care agency or go alone if able to as we are enablers so we try and cut ppls care down were they don't need it. so if they go to care agency it will save them money as well as the council in the long run.
The most ppl pay in my area is about 14-17 pounds a hour ( for private care). and with private care the carer will only get between 6-7 pound an hour. with no petrol costs.
It is still cheaper than residential homes as they can charge near on 800 or more a week!
The home care is always being dubbed and put down.
If it wasn't for home care ppl would be in residential care and far worse off.
Yes the state of the council is bad which doesn't help our jobs either. and over the past few years we have had so many changes as well.
We haven't had a pay rise for a few years either!
Home care is still far better than residential as the person gets one on one care in their own home and can do what they want and eat what they want too.
On the news a few weeks back there was a thing about home care and how carers cut corners ect but we only get half hour in with a client and by the time we have read paper work ect that time ends up being about 20 mins for Personal care which is not enough time at all. Our job is not easy at all, and when you have about 7 ppl to go into in the morning and are constantly pushed for time it makes it even harder.

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author avatar Lerynne West
25th Feb 2019 (#)

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