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The article is about the behaviors of juvenile children. This article is based on a movie story thou it has been expounded for easy understanding. It has come to the notice of many that children who are taken to juvenile courts are naive and mostly innocent. The article explains how Juvenile shapes their lives and makes them to be persons who never existed.

children deliquescent

Juvenile Deliquesce
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The movie “sleepers” is one that reflects what actually happens in the society. It shows just what young children can go through, especially when unscrupulous people take advantage of them. It also shows that sometimes, some people can come in and help. Overall, it shows how juvenile deliquesce can be prevented with the right intervention.
Reflection Paper on “Sleepers”
Io found the movie “Sleepers” very informative and portrayals of what young children actually go through in the society. The movie also highlighted the roles that the community can play in helping protect the young people in the society. The Canadian and American deliquesce Acts are more or less the same in the sense that they are both aimed at protecting the children in the society. This movie shows what children can go through, especially when they have no jobs and people who support or guide them. It also shows that it is wrong to sentence children for longer periods in prison. To help them, it is important that the government and the relevant authorities in the society come up with better ways of addressing juvenile crime. For instance, they could organize for juvenile crime forums where they look at preventive rather than “curative” measures to help the children in the society. For instance, the four boys in the movie are sentenced to between 6 to 12 months in prison; a sentence that exposes them to sex predators in the prison. Perhaps, this movie serves to show that Canadian and American Acts should be reviewed. The movie show just how guilty children who are abused can feel. They do not even want their parents to visit them; not even the father who only intends good for them. The movie showed that the society should be more concerned about looking into the underlying causes of crime rather than punishing children for “mistakes” that should have been prevented had there been better ways of dealing with them in the first place. It also highlights the importance of reform on schools; reforms into issues that can help protect children, instead of victimizing them and taking them to prisons. Additionally, this story exposed the ills in families. It showed that families sometimes fail to take care of their children and looking into what they may be going through. I found the movie to also reflect on issues of racism and social stratification in the society. This movie helped to show that traumatic experiences in one’s life can cause major changes in their lives such as the ones shown in the movie. What is more, it leads to destructive behaviors. In brief, child deliquesce can manifest itself long after the children reach adulthood. Perhaps what this movie shows is the fact that it is always important to look at issues that could make children to go into crime, rather than taking them to prisons; because if such issues are addressed in real time, there would be no need to subject young children into physical and sexual abuse.

What is more, child deliquesce can lead into bitterness and revenge. In my opinion, this movie reveals that agencies mandated to deal with juvenile crime should have an “outside” oversight so that instead of taking child offenders to prisons, they should look at ways of preventing the crimes in the first place; such ways could include addressing inequalities in the society and giving children relatively equal opportunities in life. Law enforcers need to focus more on rehabilitation rather than punitive measures. In a nut shell, the Canadian and American Delinquency Acts are rather the same. There need to be amendments where reforms need to be emphasized at the expense of juvenile punishment.

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