betrayed again by my friends

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here's my article about how i can be betrayed by so called's my experience.

betrayed again by my friends

I am a person who I have shown here that I like to help the person who like to be understandable and that I like to be a good person, that he respects the laws and that it respects religion, but there are people who understand that a person is good is stupid and does not deserve the respect for the individual, and some help comes to ask any favor for someoneI'm very upset that what happened to me is somewhat irresponsible and something stupid something that it cannot tolerate.

I have helped thousands of people apart from the animals, the animals at least thank I had and have animals with me over 10 years where I have raised them, I have fed them and they offered me great peace and joy.

I've been betrayed in chilling way by friends who were going through friends when in reality, are hidden enemies who showed a friendship that never existed bothers me when people I have lent them money, I have given him clothes, food those same people are in charge of defame me myself saying that not you borrow money and that never I have helped anyone that is falseIt actually makes me sick and gives me discomfort people who see you said hello in a shameless to then write to networks way social issues false, my family and myself, as cowards go to bed in the word of lying and gossip so wanting to take their advantage of my person.

Those who work in my old betrayed me knowing that there was a fraud and that is discovered and the same for the good of the company and for wanting to take power they betrayed my trust and as always it is so, the nature of the human being is to betray. many people are actually from when it was small in my primary school children took me the money.

When not wanted to give them and the same after you said parents who I was which is the wanted to remove, ever since childhood I've suffered the betrayal of people who always want to seek money and power but don't want to share with you, make fun of you behind your back and that happens every day not only with myself.

I've documented here but also with other people that can not express them that what I say here expresandolo that must be fought and not trust blind people as the same story always come say hello, ask for money then disappear.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
7th Nov 2013 (#)

Sometimes people can let us down and betray us , but not everyone , but it always hurts us when they do jesus negron ...
I would suggest you ask Jesus the Lord to help you ,and to give you a forgiving heart towards those who have betrayed you ...and then I pray that He will take the hurt from your heart and mind concerning them .
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar jesus negron
11th Nov 2013 (#)

thanks Stella Mitchell for your kind words

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