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what words did one say when children and when corrected by one parents understood and never acted or repeated them. my childhood if we said something verbally and our parents corrected us did we realize the meanings of what they tried to say to us.

don,t care was made to care

Back in my childhood. we would hear a lot of saying that . would get past around the schools.most kids would repeat what others say in school . until they get corrected by their parents in them, one saying was don,t care. was a attitude that many would say.
This day I was helping my dad with the tomatoes that were growing in our garden.
They weren,t ripe yet . my dad said. my reply was. I don,t care. as I like them green. They,ll make you sick and give you the tummy ache, if you eat them green, was my dads answer to that.
After a while my dad spoke again. with a lot of thought put into how he said to me, in his kind tone.
Never say you don,t care. you always care, what ever in life,
fondly enough I understood that he was refering to everything in life, not just the tomatoes.. over the years when that part came in on me I would always stop and think am I realy caring about the situation that arises.
This I would repeat to my children if I ever heard them say those words, when the got told off. ( I don,t care) I,d say the same thing to them as my dad would say to me. and hopping they too could understand the deeper meaning of these words . and how it can impack on thier everday lives.
quote =from the bible=the word= CARE= 27-9= (27) the lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear .(9) oh do not hide yourself when I ,m trying to find you. don,t forsake me now.=.most words parent say that com e from their parents
so what this means trying to say when you alway care from your heart your protection from god is easyier for him to get through to one .
quote from bible= DON,T= 53=8=(53) only a fool would say there is no god and why does he say it as for his wicked heart his dark and evel deeds his life is corroded with sin,. (8)= this word =don,t= says it all. one whom think of themselves don,t care about anything other then what they want.
Its a very powerfull words this = I don,t care= and it can affect how we live ourlives our response to others. and how much love we portray to others.
So this was the deeper meaning my mind understood but not exactly in depts of its meaning. only over the years of living by caring . did I fully understand , what my little mind only partly understood when I was young .
Our parents put catch phrases in front of us for us to understand the true meanings of our question when they couldn,t be explained in full. the words that got added to this one. was,
Don,t care was made to care and don,t care was done
don,t care was put in a pot and boiled till he was done.
this phrases basically said it all in gods terms,
It means the more one goes through life and only thinks of themselves the more gods veiw is blocked from them.
When ones a child one mind only understand part of the advice parents gives them , because of this things are put in childs terms. when they become an adult then they learn the adult version of what they want to understand. and when one gets older they relealize how simple the answer. to life most complex words are. and wish they knew it when young. our words are full of surprises. when we old enough to understand its true meanings. one will always have some thing new to learn ever day.


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Nice article. Thank you.

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