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We all have our childhood memories that never seem to leave us even in old age. Although I do not yet consider myself very old, but the treasure of memories I have on my childhood haunt me every now and then to remind me that I have journeyed for quite a time already.

wanted to be in ballet class

In grade three I had a classmate who would come to school wearing tights of different colors everyday. When I learned that she was studying ballet, I became so impressed that I tried very hard to be her friend. I came to know from her that she was enrolled in a ballet school that was very near my house. I knew that I wanted to be in it too. I learned later on that almost all of my neighbors' kids about my age had already enrolled. Excitedly, I asked my mother if I could also enroll but she was not into it. I was told that it was expensive and "useless."


Because of this, I cried almost every night thinking about how I really wanted to be a ballerina, to wear tights, leotards, ballet shoes, and finally the tutu. But this dream never materialized.

outside looking in

But the negative reaction from my mother did not completely kill my enthusiasm. I decided to go with my friends during their rehearsals. Although I was not allowed to go inside the studio and do the routines with them, but I got to watch them from the outside. I would stand outside the window and take note of everything. Every time I went home, I would secretly lock myself in the room and repeat the routines. I thought I could perform better than most of my friends. I watched each and every one of the concerts they presented. Looking back, I think had my mother only allowed me to be in those ballet classes, I am a hundred percent sure that I'd be a ballet teacher.

fast forward

Fast forward many years after, all my neighbors who were in ballet school pursued college degrees and are never able to make use of their ballet skills. My classmate in grade three who inspired me to be like her became a dance instructor for many years until she succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 39. While I, the girl who never had the opportunity to study dancing in the formal sense of the word, still loves to dance even at my age.


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author avatar Ann
29th Aug 2012 (#)

i can really relate! Although I was able to study once when I was 5-ish, I wasn't able to continue. I'm still 17, I don't think I still have a chance in studying ballet because of my hectic college schedule. But I still hope I still can. ",) If I can't, maybe I can let my future children/ nieces/ friends'daughter. LOL.

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