Your 72 Hours between Death and Life

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Mankind struggles through life either because of ignorance or because of rebellion

A new dawn awaits

Did you know that you have already died, literally, and came back to life after 72 hours? This means that death no longer lies at your door. Now, all you have to do is figure out what to do with that new life.

You might say, “Now wait a minute. If I have already died, does that mean the new life I now have simply carries on where it left off? Surely, it must be, otherwise I would not be in a position to make plans for the new life that I now have if I did not know that I had died.”

And I would have to say that you made a very clever observation indeed, though I’d like to point out that you would not be able to make any future plans for your new life unless you actually know that you had died and also knew the reason for your death. Only knowing both will put you in a position to want to make changes to the life you previously had. So it is not a matter of carrying on where you left off.

The state of affairs

Now I’m going to cut to the chase and be quite blunt about it. Why beat around the bush when you are waiting anxiously to jump from the starting line of your new life?

Your former life was one big mess. Even the little bit of good you thought you possessed was like a filthy rag and counted for nothing. In fact, you had the sword of death hanging over you all of your former life precisely for this reason. But the death sentence you had hanging over you offered no return to life once the sentence was carried out. It was to be permanent and accompanied by never-ending torment in that place of death.

Now I suppose you’re going to ask, “But if I die, then I’m dead. How can I still retain the consciousness of life after death in order to undergo some kind of physical and emotional suffering?”

Did you know that you never, ever die? It is your physical body that succumbs and in that event the real you are set free from that body. Your real substance of life is the spirit within that body of clay. And because of that sentence hanging over your real life, the state of death lying in wait is a spiritual one. In effect, it amounts to a spiritual separation from God. That is what spiritual death actually means. To be exact, it means that you carry on living in a place totally devoid of the presence of God. No peace, no joy, no life – only torment upon all of the senses as if you had retained full consciousness and never died – for eternity. I will spare you the full description of the intensity and nature of that torment. A little bit of investigation of your own will reveal all.

Now, exactly how and why did you die? Again, I’m going to cut to the chase. You’re working up a sweat like a racehorse in that starting stall and want to get going with that new life.

An irrevocable sentence

It was God who sentenced you to death. You were born a creature complete with an inherent nature of sin. And this condition made you an abomination to God.

It is for only one reason that God decided to destroy your former life and give you a new one. That reason was LOVE for the human being that He had made in His image and after His likeness. If you have already clicked on the links within this article you will have discovered that God Himself had become a man and took you, together with your condition of sin, into Himself onto that Cross and died. Because of your inborn condition of sin God knew that you would not voluntarily go with Him, so He gave you no choice in the matter. It was His decision. You came from Him and He was going to rescue you regardless. He loved you too much to let you suffer condemnation forever.

For 72 hours God, as a man called Jesus Christ, descended into that place of spiritual death and torment and suffered YOUR fate to a degree of intensity beyond imagination. Because He, Himself, was without sin, once justice was served, He was raised from the dead – and you were raised TOGETHER with Him. He had become sin so that you may be freed from it. He rose again, so that you may be raised again – and live.

So you see, you did not escape the DEATH PENALTY. Jesus Christ, however, fulfilled it FOR you.

Been there, done that, but didn’t know it

Are you a teenager? You’ve been to hell and back.
Are you a housewife? You’ve been to hell and back.
Are you an architect? You’ve been to hell and back.
Are you a movie star? You’ve been to hell and back.
Are you yet to be born? You’ve been to hell and back.

You might wonder how it is possible for a person not yet born to have gone through this process. God knows the name of the very last person still to be born. God lives in no time and provision has already been made for that yet unborn person.

Free moral agency

Now comes the big “however”. There is no doubt that you have heard that God gave man a free will. Therefore, God is not going to force you to accept this great act of redemption. He wants you to use your freedom of choice to UNDERSTAND, BELIEVE and ACCEPT your deliverance through Jesus Christ – by FAITH!

In other words, you have to APPROPIATE your salvation by CHOICE!

You had NO CHOICE but to die in Christ because you not only existed within Him at the time of the Crucifixion, but you still do. “For in Him we live, and move, and have our being.” (Acts 17:28). But if you refuse to ACCEPT it, then it is an act of your God-given free will and it becomes an act of rebellion against the God Who made you and Who loves you.

Believe the believable

How does one appropriate it? You do so by acknowledging it in prayer to God. You REPENT, tell God that you BELIEVE what was done for you on the Cross through Jesus Christ, and then RECEIVE Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour by asking Him to do to come into your life. You will immediately KNOW that those 72 hours between death and a new life has become a REALITY for you.

The plans for your new life? It’s YOUR new life. Seek some fellowship with others who have had the same 72-hour experience - and you will soon know.


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30th Jan 2011 (#)

I just realized the importance of the issue!

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31st Jan 2011 (#)

Interesting write!

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15th Feb 2011 (#)

very well done, keep on writing such amazing pages.

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16th Feb 2011 (#)

Thank you for the encouragement.

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