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How sexism could be percieved as developed in the modern world, and the role assignment in reproduction.

It's childs play

Do certain toys encourage young motherhood thus underage sex? There is actually valid reason to suggest they do. How can you condemn a 16 year old mother, who when she was about five was given fake baby dolls and all the equipment to be a mother thus nurturing the desire to be a parent that would result in it happening in reality. In fact, the infantile world of toys is very sexist, and encourages stereotypical roles assigned by gender. Little girls are given the afore mentioned dolls and equipment, fake stoves and ovens, a dolls house where “Daddy” is dressed in a suit while “Mummy” is laced in a shiny apron. The male siblings are then programmed from an early age that this is the normal way to behave, setting the foundations for a life of sexism.

Daily life

Though it is obviously now illegal in the UK to openly discriminate against someone because of gender, that does not mean that it does not happen. How would one know or be able to prove that an employer picked a male over a female because of gender? There is always the possibility that the male is the better candidate, but all over the world this is not always the reason for this situation to occur.

Sexism has also become a bit of a joke. Yorkie bars are well known for what they have on their packaging. ‘ITS NOT FOR GIRLS’ is directly sexist but people don’t think anything of it as it doesn’t seem that bad. Reading into it, it is basically saying that girls are weak and cannot cope with this chocolate bar which is of course ridiculous. What men really seem to overlook is how strong women are. It is a scientific fact that women have a larger pain threshold than men, meaning females can cope with a lot more pain hence child birth. Men are actually the “weak” ones despite the larger muscle mass. They have invented things like ‘man flu’ to compensate for them not being able to cope the same way women can when faced with illnesses.


Relating back to young mothers, the vast majority have to do it by themselves, as the biological father doesn’t want the responsibility. Most males don’t feel they have the need to help as they don’t believe it's their job. Why? Because as a child they were brought up with the impression that the females look after the children, due to the poorly chosen toys previously mentioned. Little boys should not feel it’s “girly” to care for a baby doll or to make fake food on the little oven; they should be made from the very start to feel that it is normal and that equal partnerships do indeed exist and should be in every household for the future.

I realize it is a long shot to expect to eradicate sexism, but little things like making “girl” toys appeal to boys too, will remodel the way they think from a young age.


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19th Jul 2013 (#)

illiteracy perhaps
is a curse
and instrumental
in unwed or teen age

matter to be thought of in depth

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