You can overcome your phobias

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Many fears that dominate the life of the individual, if he surrendered to it, and make it unable to exercise a normal life, and has hamstrung the participation of others in a social life together, because of the permanent and renewed concern to which, because of the panic attacks that occur as a result of this concern. Many of these concerns - or most - is not a logical response to the young firebrand who caused, in the past, and not a real engagement with anticipated danger in the future.

You can overcome your phobias

It is these concerns, for example: the fear of death or the fear of the loss of a dear person, or fear of breaking into the house, or the fear of cutting off the street, or fear of a specific category of people.

To alleviate these fears developed multiple therapeutic technologies, many of these technologies include the following three actions:

1-get rid of the Panic:

In this procedure was trained on some practices that fearful that help him to get rid of the physical symptoms associated with panic, such as the accelerated HEARTBEATS deceased the members of the body, this is a conscious, intentional disposal of injured, this can be done through a reorientation of the focus of thinking away from Allergy-free room panic, even if it is in the position of the panic itself.

This procedure may help the person to consider the situation in a more realistic, and makes it searches for the most positive and influential behavior instead stand helpless.

2. Determination of the cause of fear:

From the necessary steps that must be performed by the victim, and must assist in the process, to be able to determine the cause of the fear, linked to this to be able to describe the situation which includes Allergy-free room this fear, and described his condition when beset by feelings of fear.

The entrance is important to treat abnormal fear is the arrival of the injured to imagine the reality perception of truth, and soon the elements of this position as much as real impact, with our observation that the feeling of fear is one of the elements of this reality. One of REALISM relates to disclose knowledge to deal with these elements in mind positively, and confront it with courage, and stay away as much as possible of the extremist responses in the conscious decisions and behavior.

3. The Face of ideas of fear

This step on the effort of the infected in the management of thinking itself, and to challenge the negative ideas and fantasies, the dreadful another positive, or more real, or more than the expression of the position of strength and victory. For example, an individual could face his ideas about the proximity of the deadly disease by typing the first reflections on this matter, and then discuss each one of these thoughts and prove beyond the reality, or prove hypotheses more an expression of fact.

Those who can also be repeated in his imagination the scene of his defeat in a conflict with another person that dominated the imagination another scenario includes leaving the conflict and again, or victory in this conflict, and seeks to prove this scene as detailed description, or even represent.

That this confrontation and treatment substances do not lead to the disappearance of fears automatically, but it seems to be an effective weapon in the prevention and control of fears for intellectual activity and emotions, and help to get rid of these fears, and resulting in the development of the ability of the individual to find a constructive idea that helps him to start and affirmative action.


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