You Must Obey The Rules

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Rules are made to keep you from harm as much as any thing else.If you conform and do as your told no one gets hurt, but my cousin and his friend found a way around the rule and were killed for their effort..

Rules Are to Live By

I have always believed a person should obey the rules, if a rule or law is in place that affects you where you live. You should do your best to comply with that law or rule.
At times I have broken different rules and it seems I always pay the consequences. For instance driving your car, if you don’t stop at stop signs or lights several things could happen: you could get a traffic ticket and have to pay a big fine, also it goes on your record, and next you could cause an accident. During the accident someone could get hurt or killed, that someone could be you.
I have found by “playing it safe” I get into a lot less trouble and it costs me less money. We always learned that the first thing we have to do in life is to obey our parents and the second big authority is the school. The schools make rules to protect us and when we disobey those rules, I have said all that so I can say this and tell this story.

I had a younger cousin that was a great football player, his name was Jimmy Brown and he and his family lived on top of the hill on Pine Hill Drive at Grass Valley, California. In fact the whole family lived on the hill except Uncle Al and he lived by Memorial Park.
Jimmy joined the foot ball team when he was a freshman in high school and was an outstanding athlete, he was so good that in his sophomore year the coach put him on the Varsity team, he was really good, in fact better than any of the Juniors or Seniors that were on the team.

The School Won the Game but Lost an Athlete

The school was having a great winning season and it was the last game and if Grass Valley beat Marysville they would be district champions. At that time it was still Grass Valley High School. Two years later when I graduated in 1953 it had been merged with Nevada City High School and it became Nevada Union High School. So this was going to be a win for Grass Valley H.S., and win they did with Jimmy carrying the ball for the fourth and final touchdown for Grass Valley. So they won the district championship and could now go on to State Championships.

As in all ideal situations fate raised her ugly head. The school had a rule that all team members and cheer leaders were to ride the team bus home, but Jimmy and his friend did not want to ride the “old slow bus”. Standing in their way was that Rule that said you had to ride the team bus, UNLESS you had your parents’ permission to ride in a private car. Next problem, how to get a note from mother, when she is in Grass Valley. You are in Marysville.
They found a girl that would write the note and sign Jimmy’s mothers’ name. A lie and a forgery, it got them both killed. Jimmy’s friend was speeding and it was a narrow road, he got on the shoulder and skidded into a diesel truck head on.
To this day I don’t know who the girl was that signed Jimmy’s death warrant, only one person knew other than the girl she, and that was Jimmy’s brother Don and I never did ask him and he never told me. Don passed away last year, and the secret went with him.
When rules are made they are not made just so some can break them!
It caused pain for many people, my father had to go identify the body it was so badly mutilated they would not let his parents see him until after they had repaired some of the damage, and his mother was in a constant state of mourning for years afterward.

Many lives were changed because of not following the rules.


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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
26th Oct 2012 (#)

Certainly a moving story and a lesson about bending the rules and why some rules are certainly meant not to be broken.

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
27th Oct 2012 (#)

Thats true it was tragic, a lesson,but hard to take
thanks your comment

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author avatar Buzz
27th Oct 2012 (#)

Hi, Joe. Great article. Nice to catch you here.

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author avatar Teila
28th Oct 2012 (#)

I agree, rules are good to a certain point, excellent read.

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author avatar Joseph l.Cox
28th Oct 2012 (#)

Thank you all for your comments

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