You Gonna Reap Just What You Sow

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Kindness will take you a long way in life! Treat others the way that you would like to be treated! The people you meet on the way up, may be the same people you may need on your way back down. Doing right will be long remembered. Good deeds will be treasured in life. Those evil deeds will not take you where you need to go, no matter how much you think they will. Right always wins and justice is true action of reaping the harvest!

You Gonna Reap

Thinking about two little girls near our hometown who "vanished" several days ago with not much more of a trace than their bikes, a cell phone and according to authorities who say the purse, which was located in a different space could be key- if there is a key at this point. They are so young- just beginning to live eight and ten years old.
My heart has been weighing heavily after hearing about this event. Thinking beyond what the mind could possibly think of where they could be? Thinking beyond what the mind could decipher as to whether they are alive or dead? We all are praying that the girls return home safely, like a dream that might not come true.
Then the all awful question of who would do this to two little girls riding their bikes not far from home, doing something young children like to do.
Whatever happened to our children feeling, safe, free and secure to at least play in an area near home? Whatever happened to parents now fearful of allowing their children out of their sight? Whatever happened to the thought of "You Gonna Reap Just What You Sow."

What Is There To Reap?

If you sow good seeds, then good seeds will cause a blessing to come. Therefore in return for good deeds, more and more blessings will pour out so bountiful that sometimes we can't even hold on to all of them.

Just the opposite is if you sown bad seeds or evil deeds, evil will come back. But there is one mistake that we make so often and that is we expect to see punishment and rewards immediately or at our selected time. But according to the Bible, it will all be in the hands of the Master. He will determine the roads that each one of us will trod.
So what is in life that could or would cause us not to want to do good, treat others right, respect others, and remember how you would like to be treated.
As children we are taught rules, what is appropriate and inappropriate. Still there are some who are willing to obey, while others struggle with disobedience. So over a period of time and a continuation of doing wrong, one tends to have what some term a "hardened heart." A hardened heart is the worst curse that one could possibly allow to happen to them. As a result of doing wrong for so long, doing wrong becomes a regular part of life. Believe it or not, people prefer not to be around people whose hearts are filled with hatred, malice, jealousy, evil, wickedness and a desire to hurt or harm. Reaping- what there is nothing of God that will allow evil doers to prosper.

Harvest Time

We are often confused and mislead by people who choose to live their lives of evil. Sometimes we look at materialistic things, their going and coming, employment, etc. Then we wrongly begin to compare what they have and/or the type of life they live as compared to ours. Then we begin to make our interpretations about life. Sometimes we begin to believe that those who do evil seem to be prospering more than those who strive to do right.

Often these things are so short-lived until the failure to succeed comes before the naked eyes. Unfortunately, people who are weak-minded tend to latch on to what may look good on the surface and are influenced to join the powerful team of harvesters whose harvest are not of decent crops.
One other very important point to remember is that the Bible tells us that the path of righteousness is a narrow one, and there may only be a few harvesters working and traveling that way. But confusion can often draw a big crowd of harvesters. For it seems as though some people rejoice in seeing the furtherance of wickedness, such as if there is a public physical or verbal fight in the streets.

The Work Is Great- but the Laborers Are Few

There is a need for so many workers to help promote peace, harmony, justice, love and righteousness. Sometimes we find ourselves thinking that we can not reach some of those who are lost. That is not always the case. There are some people who claim to have involved themselves in wrong-doing because of survival. I remember a young mother saying to me once, "If I have to I will go in the store and steal some food before I let my babies go hungry." But I reminded her that while she in her own mind feel justifiably okay with such a thought, what does the law say? Does the law say if you are caught stealing food for your children, you will not receive the same punishment as someone who was stealing for a different reason?
There is a need for more us laborers to enter the field of righteousness and spreading the gospel of justice and the betterment of man and woman kind. We must be examples for our children and our children's children. We must also remember that there are some people, many who may have gone on today, who helped us to get on and stay on the right track. Once we internalize righteousness, we begin to have an inner quest to do the right thing. Doing the right thing is not just when someone is around, it's when we are all alone and the decisions have to be made.

Where Is Your Heart?

Now the question is, "Where is your heart?" when you take innocent children away from their loved ones-why? "Where is your heart?" when we take innocent children away from their friends and family and hurt them? So it isn't about these innocent children doing anything to you- causing you to think- "an eye for an eye." So "where is your heart?" when someone gives you a legitimate name of pedophile and you join a ring of others in other parts of the United States who believe as you do. I remember reading in the local newspaper once when there was a bust of mail being sent across states by those who were considered as pedophiles and child molesters. One letter that was posted in the newspaper made me sick to my stomach. It read, "You don't know what you are missing until you have done it it with a five-month-old." "Where is your heart?" when you think you are given the freedom, right, and privilege to massacre innocent babies because they are not able to verbally "report you."

How Could You Do That?

We often ask the question of so much confusing actions of individuals in our society by boggling our minds with thoughts of "How could you do that?" How could you burn a two-year old with a cigarette all over the body? What did this child do to you? How could you put a three year-old in a bath tub of scalding hot water? What did this child do to you? How could you starve a young child because of non-compliance? Were there other consequences that would or could have been more humane?

If we find that we are going to mistreat children, why aren't we putting them up for adoptions such as where hospitals now have "safe havens." These safe havens are designed for parents to bring their unwanted child to this place, and not have to identify themselves rather than keeping the child and harming him or her.

Wrong Doing- Where Do You Think You Are Headed?

Wrong doing, you are headed to some places where people do do wrong go. Jail, prison, mental health institutions and/or grave yards. Wrong doing does not pay. I once had a thirteen year-old girl say to me, I'm going to continue stealing and I'm not going to get caught either." Well she did get caught.

So sneaking around, doing wrong "behind the scene" as we think today, we won't be caught. Unfortunately there are more and more ways that wrong doers are being caught today. Cameras are everywhere. Cameras are in places where we least expect them. I was surprised when I learned of the nanny-camera that was in a home of a mother with five-month old twins. This video made the national news when the mother went to work and could see her babies from her nanny-camera, only to learn first hand that the "qualified" nanny who was hired to care for the twins abused them unnecessarily- It was extra sad because the babies weren't even crying or doing anything other than being a baby. She was sent straight to jail, especially after a national cry.

You Do It to the Least of Us!

Jesus always had something special to say about little children and His holding us accountable for the teaching, training and proper care of them. They were and are considered as "the least among us." They are considered that because of their ages and not being able to support themselves yet. "Forbid them not..."

When we see so many of these cases on a daily basis on television, lawyers, judges and states trying to find out who the wrongdoers are, justice may not be served sometimes as it appears. But the justice of suffering and mental anguish imposed upon those who harm little children go far beyond any lock and key buildings. We are in prison within ourselves- no peace, no inner peace!

Meeting Face to Face with Your Misuser

There are times in our lives when we do meet face-to-face with those who may abuse or misuse us. But the day and time may come when we may not meet face-to-face, but someone else will take our place in the chastisement and questioning of the wrong doer.
I had to sit in on a court case once where a twenty four year-old uncle had sexually assaulted his 9 year-old niece. When they brought the young man in with his attorney, I was surprised when they also brought the child into the courtroom also. There are some theories about videotaping children, while some feel that a particular child may be alright.
But it just reminded me of feelings from all sides when we are face-to-face with our misuser. For some, this is unbearable, while others have some words or feelings that were bottled up inside that they wanted to release.

Meeting Up Face to Face With God!

While we often fret about meeting up with misusers, abusers and wrongdoers on this side of life, there is one greater than us, that must be feared. For the day and time must come when we will have to give an account for our actions. We are going to have to answer the call for each of what we did that was not proper. We are going to have to give an account for why we did some of the things that we did. We are going to have to give an account for why we did wrong and knew that we were doing wrong. While some people believe in a heaven and hell, others do not. But when judgement day comes, decisions will be made, especially when we knowingly have continuously wronged our brothers and sisters.

He Will Separate the Right From the Wrong

It is not our responsibility to go around judging who is right and who is wrong. But we do want to take a look at our own lives to see if we are making wise and proper decisions. We want to look at our own lives to see if we are treating our brothers and sisters as we would want to be treated. The time will come when we shall certainly reap what we sow. It is my hope at this writing that more of us will continue to reap the plentiful harvest of blessings and sowing good seeds! Yes, we are going to reap just what we sow!


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