Worst Roomate Ever

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Worst Roomate Ever - Discussing why you should think twice before moving in with a friend


The question posed to me was to describe the worst house guest I've ever had, but I will take that a step further and talk about the first, worst and only roommate I have and ever will have.

Growing up I always heard adults talk about how it's never a good idea to have a friend as a roommate because chances are you won't be friends by the time it is over. Of course I didn't heed the advice given to me and I learned on my own exactly what they were trying to warn me about.

I had been friends with Mike for a very long time. We ran businesses together(which was another mistake for another story) and I generally felt that out of all the people I trusted, he was one of them. So when the time came that I bought my first house, it just so happened that he was looking for a place to live and I had a spare bedroom so I offered it to him.

The house was a fixer upper so I needed all the help I could get in getting it remodeled and so I made a deal with Mike that I would reimburse his monthly rent at the end of his contract if he agreed to help me with all of the work on the house and pay his rent to me on time, which he gladly accepted.

I had bought the house in May and he was going to redo his bedroom before he moved in and the plan was for him to have that all done and be moved in by July of that same year. Needless to say, he never quite found enough time to get that room done until December of that year and had spent the past 6 months sleeping on his buddies couch for free, while I incurred all the bills on the house that I was expecting him to be a part of.

That was my first warning sign to get him out before he ever got in, but I felt like I was being a good friend and gave him the chance figuring things might change once he was actually living on the premises.

The next 4 months resulted in him not paying a single dime of rent because of personal reasons and barely keeping up his end of the deal as far as working on the house was concerned. During that time, on at least a weekly basis he would have a different girl over which you could hear their "activities" throughout the house at all hours of the day. I'm all for personal privacy, but when you bring over ugly/fat women that walk around my house half naked, it's not something that I want to deal with.On top of that the fact that he was a semi-functioning alcoholic, pothead and habitual cigarette smoker. My patience was wearing extremely thin.

Finally I had had enough and I told him that if he didn't pay me in full, that I was going to kick him out(thinking that he would never be able to pay me). Unexpectedly, he paid me in full 3 days later and began to work on the house on a much more continuous basis.

Two months had gone by, and I was starting to finally feel good about our friendship and business relationship when he first started dating his then girlfriend. Everything changed. While he still paid me on time, he stopped doing all work on the house and instead had his girlfriend living in his bedroom 5 days a week without ever consulting me on the matter.

The girl never spoke a word to me the entire time she was there, yet she used my dishes, towels, soap, etc. and never replaced of cleaned them. On top of that this one was even more hideous than the other girls he used to have over, she wore even less clothes and moaned even louder. The running joke for me was the fact that she was a part-time go go dancer and trainer at Curves, but she looked like she could definitely use some training of her own. There would be nights where I would be awakened at 3AM from the two of them yelling and screaming at each other over some argument and I just completely had given up on dealing with the situation.

It had already been months since I bothered speaking more than a word to Mike because I had such utter disdain for him and finally he got the hint and asked if he could move out early, which I quickly agreed to. Despite the fact that he had only completed 3 months of actual work on the house, was constantly late with rent and an overall asshole of a roommate, he expected to be reimbursed for all 9 months that he had lived in the house.

About a week of negotiating went on where I finally resigned to the fact that I would rather pay to have him out of my life then to have to spend another day dealing with him, I agreed to reimburse him 5 months rent and within a week he was moved out and out of my life for good.

It's now been 6 months since he's been gone and not a day goes by that I spend thinking about him. My life is 200% better and much more carefree.

If I had any advice for those of you out there, it would be to make sure you know what you are getting into when having a friend for a roommate, because chances are the person you think that they are is probably far from the person that they really are.


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