Women: A Feminist

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I’m a male and I don’t care about the world of some groups or organization, which doesn’t give me a hint of being a member. For me, all that matters are my membership to where I belong which take my life to the next level.

Women: A Feminist

You know what I mean? The fact is, when two persons got married but with different views, likes, lifestyle, or when a couple works, love often goes out of the window…it matters right? Read the following rumblings or voice of a woman feminist.

Leaving aside for the moment the question of physical relationships, I have pondering what this lack of time might be doing to the quality of modern life. Anyone with the merest financial commitments such as mortgage or school fees is on a treadmill which starts rolling in the early hours of the morning and may not grind to a halt until the beginning of the next day.

The rewards can be terrific fun. You can have a BMW which accelerates from 0.62 mph in 6.4 seconds, a hi-tech slim notebook with anything that slips on your mind, or the most expensive cellphone in the world which you can talk to all your friends all the way down the highway. And you can keep in touch with your office from the top of an Alp or from offshore rig.

There is a terrific thrill attached to all this and if one person in the family is doing it, you may even have some family life as well. But what happens in these liberated times if two people sharing a home have this lifestyle? What happens is they rarely see each other.

When he phones her to say a meeting has been cancelled so he has a rare night off, he doesn’t find his love at the other end of the phone. Instead he finds an answering machine.

The woman in his life is getting on with some useful business of her own, and certainly not sitting around waiting for him to come home. One of the reasons for women’s lib is that we didn’t want to wait around any longer. We tried all manner of other remedies over the ages from washing clothes to cooking meals. Penelope gave needlework a shot for a whole 30 years while waiting for Ulysses to come home. Presumably, she greeted him with some hand-made cushions after his wanderings, love sewn into every stitch.

Nowadays he would come back to the cold perfection of the interior decorator when every curtain may match the flowers but none gives off the personal touch. Is it possible that a certain feminine gentleness has gone out of all our lives as a result?

Here’s my theory about one of the factors contributing to our restlessness. A man with a working woman is not going to work less hard than he used to on the principle that the load is divided. He is going to work harder still. That is how he must respond to retain any of his masculine pride.

A working woman, primed by all the tenets of feminism to believe she can only find self-love in the market place, is going to respond to his ambition by becoming even more competitive. The stage is set for the ships to pass in the night and for humanity to go out of the window. If love looks out of place on the board meeting agenda, tenderness may never get smaller at all. What on earth can women do about it?

How can we get it right, give stability to the children, succor to each other and keep our interest in life alive? I should not like to give up any of the gadgets, the mobility, the equality I have as a result of living in this new generation. And yet even as I write this I am experiencing the brilliant consolation feminine stillness brings to our lives.

Outside in my urban garden, a mother blackbird is nesting against all the odds. She has ignored the din of the scaffolder the wail of the cat, and has a look of such utter silly serenity while waiting for the flutter of little wings in the home she has built that I am overcome with envy for her conviction about her role.

The world may be brutal, but she knows that if she sits on her nest long enough her mate will come home to sing her the sweetest song.


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author avatar Songbird B
28th Apr 2011 (#)

Insightful page my friend...Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

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30th Apr 2011 (#)

Great read Fx777222999, Food for thought, thank you.

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