Without such Love We are as Nothing

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The new generation of human races began from Noah after the great flood. From this generation, patriarchs and kings existed to lead the people. Also from this generation, major and minor prophets arrived for the purpose of spreading God’s words and commandments.

God's Covenant to Noah

God's love to His children was admirable. After He destroyed all the flesh in the earth by the great flood of forty days and forty nights, God made His covenant with Noah.

In Genesis 9:7 And God made a covenant with Noah, his sons, and every living thing that never again would a flood destroy the earth.

In Genesis 9:8–11 God set the rainbow in the clouds as the sign of God’s covenant with earth, so that when the bow appeared in the clouds, God would remember God’s covenant and the waters would never again flood to destroy all flesh.

Freedom was abused

God wanted to see that all of His children will live with faith, peace and freedom. But this freedom had caused great chaos, tensions and fear among His children: fighting between rulers, fighting between kings. They embraced idolatry again, adultery and prostitutions. The people were no longer remembering God, who was the Creator, who loved them so much.

But God still loved them. He blessed Abraham, Isaac, Joshua, Moses, David and many more. He showed His care and love to Moses and the Israelites. God saved them against the angry soldiers of Pharaoh, when they departed Egypt. They crossed the sea and walked down to the promise land, which God had promised to them. And during that exodus Moses received God’s commandments.

God is Merciful

But not all the people believed Moses. Some of them have inclined to other faiths. But God still loved His children. He did not cursed them to perish in the land but let them lived and multiply, until such the successors of Moses and other new generations of people arrived. God had chosen many prophets to spread His living-loving words to the people. He used them and gave them miracle and healing powers, but the people still did not change for the good. They still embraced idolatry, adultery, prostitutions and bloodsheds were seen everywhere.

God lives in the flesh of Jesus

God’s love to His children is lasting, despite people lived in different faiths still He loved them; until such the time He stepped down in the land of man, through His begotten Son, Jesus Christ. God lived in the flesh of Jesus as a normal person and lived in flesh with all emotions that man has. He was circumcised. He felt pains. He felt fears. He was tortured. But God in the flesh of Jesus Christ never had used His power against them.

In fact just one click of His finger, God can do every thing He wanted to. Just one click of His finger, He can move the mountains and send thunders and lightning on them. Just one click of His finger, He can draw back their lives and send them back to dust. God can do everything that He wanted, because there’s no impossible for Him.

God unconditional love

God is a reasonable One and understanding One in nature. When He lived with His creations and lived Himself in flesh through Jesus Christ, it was His unconditional love for us that sent Jesus to die on the cross. It is an essential part of His nature “God is love”, the personification of perfect love. It surpasses our powers of understanding. It is everlasting, free sacrificial and enduring to the end.

It indicates the nature of the love of God toward His beloved Son, toward the human race generally and toward those who believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and all other prophets and messengers of God, which God used to spread His living-loving words to His human children through Jews, Christians and Muslims and other group of religions where God’s love pondered.

Without such love we are as nothing

Love conveys God’s will to His children about their attitude toward one another. It enables us to run the way of God’s commandments through them. So we must Love God with all our heart, with all our soul, and with our entire mind and love our neighbors and our enemies as ourselves - without such love we are as nothing. Such spirit-inspired love never fails but always flourishes because whoever lives in love and follows His commandments lives in God and God in Him.

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author avatar Tess Irons
20th Feb 2012 (#)

Great writing, ppruel. It's a very timely article to contemplate on, for the season of Lent.

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author avatar Teila
20th Feb 2012 (#)

Bravo, so true!!!

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author avatar Delicia Powers
20th Feb 2012 (#)

Beautiful said...thank you ppruel!

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author avatar Jack Vorster
21st Feb 2012 (#)

Beautiful overview, ppruel. God's love for us is the only reason for our existence.

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author avatar Buzz
21st Feb 2012 (#)

Great Lenten season article, Paul. Thanks for the share.

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author avatar Jules Castillo
21st Feb 2012 (#)

good way to refresh lessons from the bible....

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author avatar Sheila Newton
21st Feb 2012 (#)

Mmm...redsicovering history. I really like this theme. most unusual. Nice one, ppruel

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author avatar Robb714
25th Feb 2012 (#)

I loved this.

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author avatar Songbird B
26th Feb 2012 (#)

What a great article and superb images Paul..

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