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This page is about a wish which came true for us some time ago. I like to share with you

The Dream

Born in Germany and living in the Philippines for about four years now,makes me one of the happiest person in the world.The reason I came here was to be with my love I met on Facebook. After I came here we immediately fell in love and out of it came the desire to have a baby. It took us quite some time to make it happen. We used to picture and imagine how it would be with a child of our own.Just thinking of it got us all very excited and sometimes it would keep us up all night.In whatever we did we would always think about it.Time goes by very slow when waiting for something special to happen.As time went by we have become inpatient as to when we will have a baby. Eagerly waiting for it.

The expectancy

We lived at the beach near the water and for me it means feeling refreshed and healthy. I used to jog because it made me feel great like a new born man.In doing so I could forget about not having a baby just yet.Even so my wife wanted to join me but never really did because she was a little lazy about it.There were the certain things we always did ,our live pattern day in day out.I tried to keep me busy while she did her home work. Doing all this helped us to move on forgetting it did not happen yet.Live in the Philippines can be tough ,but we somehow managed to hang in there. Suddenly out of the blue however,she told me that she feels different and so we made a test to find out if she was pregnant.

The joy

When the test showed that she was pregnant,we couldn't stop our overflowing joy.It was such an excitement.I remember that she wanted to find out everything about it.Reading one book after another increasing her knowledge to raise a child.It was as a life adventure for us. The nice month went by very smoothly with no extreme events happening.Going to the hospital for check up during that time and seeing that their were wrong with their predictions many times,made us worry.Quite the opposite happened from what they said.Still we were happy to have a baby soon.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
19th Feb 2015 (#)

Wish you happy times as parents - life is always joyful, it is the attitude that matters - siva

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author avatar vickylass
19th Feb 2015 (#)

It's true that if we work hard and with enthusiasm for something we truly want, we'll achieve to make it true. Good luck with your baby!

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
4th Mar 2015 (#)

Thank you far sharing a part of your life.

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