Wife Beating in India

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Wife beating is quite common in India and the worst part is that women are conditioned to accept it.

Slapping the Wife

Wife beating is common enough phenomena in the world. One of course does not hear of husband beating, but wife beating is very much there. In the West where there is the liberated woman, cases of wife beating have been reported. But one salient facet of these episodes in the West is that, in case a wife reports such a case to the local police or administrative authority the follow up is swift and the culprit hauled up in court.
Wife Beating in India
In India the reverse is the case. Though wife beating is an offense and so recorded in the statute books yet the implementation of this law is to the say the least tardy. The wife beating phenomena is fairly common in rural India, where the women as yet are not fully aware of their rights. But the sad part is that many of these women who are beaten in rural India find nothing wrong with this beating which is punishable under the Indian Penal code and the Protection of women from Domestic Violence act 2004.
Perhaps this acceptance of beating is rooted in culture of centuries as after the invasions by the Moslems the women were reduced to seclusion and complete subseverience to man. Out of the Indian states Bihar has the dubious distinction of being the state with the highest number of wives having been beaten by their husbands. These are the findings of the latest National Family Health Survey II covering the period of 2005-06 for the entire country and 2006 -07 for Bihar.
Survey on Wife Beating
According to this survey 59% of women in Bihar have at some point of time been beaten by their husbands and 32% of women find such abuse justified if a woman argues with her husband or shows disrespect to her in-laws. Extra marital relationships will also invite a beating which the women feel is justified. Perhaps this thinking is rooted in the mind set which had been conditioned by centuries of the subjugation of the woman in relation to the male.
The survey found that the least number of women getting beaten are in Delhi, Kerala and Jammu and Kashmir. Here the ratio is about 13-16%. But Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu were worse off. Here the incidence of wife beating was between 40-46%.
The wife beating phenomena is perhaps not unique to India and African societies have also reported this activity.


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author avatar Another beaten wife
7th Jun 2011 (#)

i am a liberated know my rights woman but even then when ever i go over the top with my husband and argue with him eventually he hits me , i hate him for that and want to hit him back want to report him to the police as well but i have kids and i have to think about them and maybe that is a big reason other women are quite as well. if i divorce him he'll take away my kids or i'll have to support them both are not so easy options .

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
7th Jun 2011 (#)

Very, very sad. When the balance between the forces of the masculine and the feminine are restored to this planet, wife beating will stop. As long as we live in a male dominated world, the imbalance remains and so does the wife beating. Great share. Thank you, Madan.

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author avatar Retired
12th Jun 2011 (#)

This well-written article is an excellent condemnation of an all-too-common occurrence in every part of the world. Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar jayababy
16th Jun 2011 (#)

Good subject and well written too.

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