Why sharing may become a dangerous trend

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Why I think sharing an Internet connection in a neighbourhood or other domestic appliances may become dangerous.

Why sharing may become a dangerous trend

Where I live there´re quite a number of more people living in the same building. All of us have our own Internet connection, However, I always think if it wouldn´t be a lot better for everyone of us to share the same connection.. A single one will provide us with Internet at any time, but it´ll result a lot cheaper for everyone as well.
Every household has a washing machine, TV set, PC, dishwasher and all appliances of modern living. Yet, wouldn´t it make sense if in every building or block of flats, there was one of them for everyone´s use?
The number of, say, washing machines or TV sets could be depending on how many people there were living in that building.
Sharing domestic appliances would definitely teach us to a better coexistence and it would search to improve our relationship as neighbours.
But, if I say that this may become a dangerous trend, it´s because of our consumers´society as we´d need to buy less appliances and as with the example of the Internet connection, there wouldn´t be this colossal business for providers. But each of us are paying for the same thing that could be easily shared. Thus, letting us to save money.
I once read that people who can provide for is own food, they will be true free people.
True. I know a lady who has her own orchard to grow a choice of vegetables, aromatic herbs and the like. It´s hard work, of course, but she´s a vegetarian and she hardly steps in a supermarket. On the other hand, she´s well fed and healthy.
Because of the times of high unemployment we´re living, many people have gone to live in rural areas to start their own shared orchards. Thus, with some good work from them, they can at least have good food to feed themselves.
There´re also the urban orchards ´Many people that live in big cities are starting to grow food on wherever possible -windowsills, balconies, patios, plots where there were once weeds, litter and rats.
If this trend gets to extend and to succeed, it will certainly become a dangerous one. But for whom? anyone may ask.
By not being able to provide for our own food, which is a basic need, will be enslaved to food manufacturers and big supermarkets.
By not finding a way to share domestic appliances with our neighbours, we´ll be enslaved to shops, which only aim is to sell as many of them as possible, regardless of our means and needs.
By sharing... The list of items and services that we could share is a long one, but if this trend of sharing extends and becomes popular, it may become a dangerous one.
For whom? Guess for whom. Not very difficult to find out.

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