Why most of the men prefer beautiful girlfriend?

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Truth be told, physical appearance of the women is the first thing which actually noticed by men.

Good looking ladies are attracted by men as a girlfriend and life-partner.

Naturally men are looking for ladies with high physical engaging quality. Truth be told, physical appearance of the women is the first thing which actually noticed by men. Trust it or not, there are many non-physical things men like in ladies. Men usually look for girlfriends who have beautiful physique, attractive eyes and delicate lips.

The following are non-physical things of women, which greatly influence the men.

1. Ambition and autonomy : Men would not prefer to stay with a lady whom they need to instruct to do everything. It's alluring when a lady has her own arrangement of objectives and is continually moving through life fulfilling them.

2. Open-mindedness and a readiness to realize : Most men don't have an issue showing their women another side interest or aptitude that they have an enthusiasm for. It's typical of something much greater when a lady requires some serious energy to figure out how to play a computer game with you or needs to sit on the lounge chair.

3. Supportive : A man can perform well when he has a lady that has faith in him. As a rule, gentlemen will have grandiose thoughts or impossible desires for an objective. A few of us don't even have a brief arrangement to interpret into reality. We simply realize what we need and how seriously we need it. A supportive lady is similar to having your own personal team promoter. At the point when a lady can be content with you, it's an indication of why you're seeking after that objective so hard in any case. It doesn't generally need to be a fantastic motion, streamers-and-sparklers thing either.

4. Great feeling of style : This is to some degree connected to the physical. Be that as it may, it's an advantage when a lady has a handle of her man's style and can select complimentary troupes. Men don't know hues and examples, however, they do what looks great. Men are attracted to what emerges; whether it's a striking shading on ladies’ nails or a one of a kind pair of hoops that highlight their face.

5. A comical inclination : Ladies, gets annoyed by such a variety of diverse things. Once in a while, it's the source and different times it's the circumstance. On the other hand, you can't be so inflexible and speeded to get in your emotions. Additionally, context is everything regarding the matter of being funny.

6. Awkwardness : There's something appealing around a lady who is particularly socially. On the other hand, perhaps she has intrigues that make her the weirdo in her gathering of companions; a savant, a devoted skateboarder, or in comic books. In spite of the fact that it's an almost negligible difference between being awkward and being a shame, that hazy area is frequently refreshing when it's combined with a beautiful face.

7. Spontaneity : Women that aren't hesitant to "just do" type of answer gets the chance to involve with their boyfriend. Because, everything in life doesn't have an arrangement. Since when love happens, we're never completely arranged for it at anyway.

It may appear like a conspicuous proclamation that men esteem beautiful girlfriend while ladies incline toward men with a high economic status. Studies found that, after chatting with the opposite sex with both low and moderate levels of these characteristics, men, more than the ladies, dismissals and reported less fascination toward potential mates with low physical allure.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
28th Aug 2015 (#)

Satish, didn't your mother choose her bahu from the line up to give you and her the dowry that is needed along with a pretty face???

You are Indian, aren't you aware that falling in love is a criminal offence wherein the mother in law does her best to divorce her daughter in law who is beautiful intelligent and highly educated too because of no dowry and because she is dark and of a different religion.

I am a victim of it after 15 years of marriage and 16 years of relation and with child too. So don't try to market your male fantasy and false propaganda when all you Indian men want is a house maid who will service your part and clean your mess and then sleep with the mother in law until she is summoned to the husbands bedside for his conjugal affection.

Beauty is skin deep but that is not a good enough reason for a female to spread legs for a male. Good from far but far from good are those type and people like myself are put down painfully for being who we are strong purposeful and fighting back until we get what we deserve in a chauvinist society, that is respect. Something Indian men very rarely have and hence the second highest AIDS carriers in the world too. Answer to beauty too I guess, multiple partnering for HIV-AIDS. Keep your whore with a pretty face,I am not one of them.

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author avatar satish007
29th Aug 2015 (#)

I highly appreciate your sentiment. I am here trying to Highlight that inner beauty is most valuable for a life partner Compare to just being a beauty. I am not trying to market male fantasy and false propaganda. It is fact and truth that most of group, age 20-27 man and women Attract on beauty and physique, And this is the actual cause due to immaturity they choose wrong partner. My advice to a man and a woman in his 30s looking to marry and Your first challenge will be to figure out what your priorities are in a wife/husband so you can make the best “deal” possible

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
29th Aug 2015 (#)

One has to be prepared to pay the price - beauty keeps attracting attention and comments like - so and so with a beautiful wife.

Everything in life is a trade off. Beauty wanes faster than we think and nothing is permanent, so we should be prepared for the day after - siva

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