Why do we blow the Conch?

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Conch was blown before a battle was started or to announce the victory of an army. It is also placed in the altar and worshiped.

In temples or at homes, the Conch is blown before ritualistic worship (Pooja)

When the Conch is blown, the sound of ‘OM’ emanates, an auspicious sound that was chanted before creating the world. The Conch blown by Lord Krishna is called ‘Panchajanya’. He carries it all times in one of His four hands. It represents dharma or righteousness, one of the four goals (Purushardhas) of life. The sound of the Conch is thus also the victory call of good or evil.

Another well-known purpose of blowing the Conch and other instruments, known traditionally to produce auspicious sounds is to drown or mask negative comments or noses that may disturb or upset the atmosphere or the minds of worshipers.

Ancient India lived in her villages. Each village was presided over by a primary temple and several smaller ones. During the aarati, performed after all important poojas and on sacred occasions, the Conch used to be blown. Since villages were generally small, the sound of the Conch would be heard all over the village. People who could not make it to the temple were reminded to stop whatever they were doing, at least for few seconds and mentally bow to the Lord. The Conch sound served to briefly elevate people’s minds to a prayerful attitude even in the middle of their busy daily routine.

The Conch is placed at the altar in temples and homes next to the Lord. It is often used to offer devotees thirtha (sacred water) to raise their minds to the highest TRUTH.


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