Why communication is important in relationship

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A relationship with a good communication channel flowing well will endure, all the rough times and the good times successfully.

Why communication is important in relationship

Relationships are part and parcel of life, there are various types of relationships today, these are Romantic relationships, Family or Blood related relationships, Friends or workmate relationships and society relationships within the community one resides in.
All these types of relationships have one thing in common,communication. It is equally important to note that one of the biggest factor is in any relationships is communication, that is why it has to be a part of the relationship. There is no way a relationship between two or more people can last for long, if it is lacking this common factor called communication. When the communication channel is blocked or cut off in a relationship then there will be no progress at all, there are many benefits of having a healthy communication channel in relationships. The following are some of the reasons as to why communication is important in relationships.

Longevity- A relationship with a good communication channel flowing well will endure, all the rough times and the good times successfully. Every relationship will experience times when things are rough, and the best thing that will keep that friendship flame burning is when the parties involved are communicating. It is important to note that when people talk about issues and they resolve them then there will be no hidden or unspoken matters that could be leading to a problem in a relationship. The more both parties in a relationship talk openly and freely about any matter arising, then this will help create a stronger bond of friendship between the people involved and hence resulting into a longtime friendship. It is quite clear that people who have been in a relationship for long will enjoy a healthy relationship for a long time, because of a healthy communication link.

Trust and Reliability- When people in any relationship are communicating well with each other, then there will be trust and reliability since they will be able to exchange ideas, fear and views freely and genuinely with each other. It is very important for the parties involved to trust what the other person is saying and with time trust will be built in that relationship and will become a firm pillar too. When a party of the relationship is depressed or disturbed, they can share with the other person then they will be able to get through with that difficult moment because of the support they will receive from the other person.

Give and Take- In any relationship it is a two way traffic, communication plays an important role in developing the relationship and also cementing the friendship between the people involved. When proper communication is lacking, then that relationship will not last for long. Because communication is part giving and part receiving. Even if a person is a good listener and the other is a good talker in any relationship they both have to do both for a balanced, complete and effective communication in the relationship. People in any form of relationship should be able to participate in making sure that they communicate openly with each other.

Therefore it is very important for all persons involved, in any type of relationship to make sure that they work on the communication part of the relationship for a healthy status.


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