Why are we addicted to sugar?

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This will all be about how terrible sugar is, and all its good stuff.


Cookies, Ice Cream, oatmeal cookies, and chocolate strawberries are totally great! I already know that it isn't good for me, but the taste makes me forget all about how unhealthy it is, and just eat it anyway. As much as I love them, I have to stop eating those frequently, and that goes to everyone else that is actually eating way too much sweets. The thing is, it is pretty much addiction when it comes to us constantly eating sweets. Its hard to break off of it, but once we do anyway, we still come back for more somehow once we got just a little taste of sugar. This article will explain why its so hard to stop eating a mass of unhealthy products. You may see me sometimes eating something sweet, but in reality, I don't eat WAY too much.

Why are we addicted?

The reason we are so addicted is because the fact it tastes really good. If you ate sherbet ice cream and didn't like it, would you come back for it if it gave a harsh taste to your mouth? More likely not, but that is how sweets work. Also, this is done in fast food restaurants, where they make a certain food taste so good, you would want to re-order it again, and maybe eat it once daily. If the companies that make food start to have bad-tasting food, they will definitely go out of business if no one is buying on what they are making. So that means they will even go to the point where making the food have ingredients where it would make it unhealthy. When they have bad ingredients in their foods, they aren't jerks, because it is called marketing.

A world without sugar

Without sugar, we probably wouldn't like eating foods way too much, and if we got rid of the ingredients supposed to make foods taste better, majority of the foods we have now are going to be gone. You wouldn't want to live in a world where everything you eat doesn't appeal to your taste buds. I don't have much detail on what the world exactly would be without sweetened food. Lets just say, it wouldn't be a life everyone would want to live. Besides, your brain needs sugar, so that is the main reason why sugar has to exist. Our main problem is just consuming way too much of it. I always wondered, if sugar may cease to exist in the future due to everyone consuming way too much of it. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but the price of sugar will definitely increase.

Sugar facts

If you are that type of person who dislikes having wrinkles, there is a process where if you are consuming way too much sugar, that you will tart to develop wrinkles. The reason for that is because due to excess blood sugar, it binds to collagen to your precious skin, making it less elastic. And if you really don't eat sugar, your skin will be able to retain flexibility, just remember that if you want to have a young face. Did you know that artificial sweeteners + soft drinks make you consume more calories at once? And speaking of soft drinks, drinking a 20 oz drink is little over the same thing as eating 16 sugar cubes in one sitting. Saccharin and aspartame were accidentally found for a experiment that didn't even center around making an artificial sweetener! And that would mean those artificial sweeteners were supposed to be insecticide! I bet that ruined your appetite.


In the future, we will definitely live a world where sugar is no longer needed as a way to make food taste good. More than likely we will be able to make good food without anything to make us unhealthy. Also, we could have a device where that the taste buds taste something that's really good when you are eating something healthy! It'd be nice to taste chocolate when I am eating frog legs. Or maybe when I am eating spinach, I taste a good ol' burrito. I am highly confident that a device to modify our taste buds will come along, and we can go ahead and figure out a different use for the sugar and such. One idea that I definitely had was figuring out a way to turn sugar into a way to generate electrical energy. Now how does that sound?


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author avatar WOGIAM
11th Jun 2015 (#)

LOl, so my love for sugar and sweet foods must be the reason, i have wrinkles so early in life.
I also need to reduce my sugar intake.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
11th Jun 2015 (#)

Ketchup is mostly sugar and look at how many parents feed it to their kids.

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author avatar LivelyAurora
11th Jun 2015 (#)

WOW! I never knew that ketchup had sugar. I should probably start eating it less.

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