Why Women Should Not Cling on to Their Man.

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Clingy women will grasp their partner tightly while smothering them. Some women will squeeze his buttocks in public as an indication to the rest of the women that he is taken. These are all very funny typical case scenarios that occur at the mall and in restaurants.

Insecure Women Are Everywhere.

Research indicates that women who act clingy, needy, jealous and controlling suffer from low-self esteem issues. In Miami, most women regardless of age will give you the evil look if their man just happens to glance at another pretty woman walking by. If the guy is friendly to the waitress, this will make his girlfriend uncomfortable as well. This type of behavior really makes me laugh. For example, I notice this type of thing while waiting to be seated at a restaurant. Clingy women will grasp their partner tightly or squeeze his buttocks as an indication to the rest of the women that he is taken. Since when is looking at another woman considered cheating? If you are with your boyfriend and your boyfriend glances at another woman, it's really not a big deal. However, if your boyfriend checks her out in front of you, I mean really check her out, then it is a sign of disrespect, but not necessarily cheating. Ladies, if you are going to worry about your man checking every woman out, then you are really going to have a lot of trouble in your love life.

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Why do Women Act Clingy?

Women act clingy because they fear losing their partner to someone else. Once they sleep with him, they become more clingy almost as if the guy is their property. According to studies, the neediness comes from the fear of abandonment or rejection. Some women have daddy issues or didn't receive unconditional love while they were growing up so as a result, they fall into the trap that if they don't find a knight in shining armor their lives won't be complete. The need to cling can be caused by a number of things: a dependent personality or connected to issues from your past research indicates.

Speaking from experience, a clingy woman assumes that the more she clings on to her partner, the more secure their relationship will be, but in reality, what it does is that it pulls the man emotionally farther away from her. For some women, it can be painful when she notices her boyfriend pulling away. The best thing a woman can do is to leave the guy alone and give him all the space necessary. Keep in mind that a man pulls away to regain his freedom and autonomy. Only when he has separated will he feel that need to get close again. "Men are like rubber bands,"they can only stretch for a certain time before they come springing back again."

Research indicates that when one person clings to another person psychologically, the person who is being cling ed to resents and rejects the needy, clingy and emotional parasite. The same applies for men. There are men who come across as emotionally insecure. Most guys will call a woman he just met and if for some reason she tells him that she has to go he will ask her if she can call him back. And then there are the emotionally insecure guys who will ask the girl if there is any chance they could ever have a relationship.

Think back to the time when you didn't have a boyfriend. Focus on your hobbies, your goals, hanging out with your friends. What happened to all of those activities? Have a social life and keep yourself as busy as a bumblebee. Ladies, remember that confidence is what makes a girl sexy!

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Exceptional advice! You nailed the last line and made it memorable.

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thanks Jenny.

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