Why Women Fall for Older Men

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Statistically speaking, a May-December love affair is continuously ranking high; men fall for younger women and ladies on their 40’s marries men on their prime. Factors like emotional maturity, financial stability and logical thinking are some of the most common basis why this phenomenon happens.

A May-December Love Affair

Financial security is perhaps the most practical reason why younger ladies marry older mates; older people being more bankable are becoming more attractive nowadays. Poverty and the thought of having a better future for their family make women chose a person twice or three times their age. Money was not an issue to older people who had climbed their way up to the top; they showered their partners with expensive gifts, luxurious things and fat allowances. Marrying an older man who is financially secured is like watching a trust fund grow and waiting for it to reach maturity.

Also, an older person is more stable emotionally compare to the younger ones; they don’t easily flare up, don’t act stupidly, don’t mess around and are not attention-seeker. Older people respect privacy; they are less demanding and understand the need for individual growth of each other. An older person is more mature in handling the relationship; they are often sweeter, more caring and very understanding compare to any younger man who are often immature, indifferent and irresponsible.

An older mate easily gives way to a stubborn counterpart just to stop the argument and patch things up. People older than their partners are often broad-minded and less jealous, making petty quarrels and unreasonable suspicions out of their relationship.

Older men think sensibly too, unlike men on their peak 20’s who are often impulsive and irate, older men are more controlled and reasonable in handling different situations. While younger one easily breaks down due to petty problems, older man handles big issues prudently.

The female population finds older men more interesting because of their manicured personality and better wisdom. They don’t talk in riddles and don’t boast imaginary achievements. Older men are straightforward and candid; their experiences thought them everything they need to know; giving them the edge in critical thinking, confidence and openness to any possibilities.

Women who experience a broken family or unhappy childhood usually fall for older men, possibly due to the fatherly image they have seen to these kinds of people and the dream of filling a hole in their life.


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author avatar La Verne
26th Jul 2010 (#)

you have a point...

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author avatar djmarion
27th Jul 2010 (#)

thanks la verne!

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author avatar smoothoperator
27th Jul 2010 (#)

I am a bachelor at 49 any takers?

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author avatar Denise O
27th Aug 2010 (#)

I tend to agree with you on many points. After my divorce from my first husband, I dated a lot of men around my age ( I was 25 at this time) and it just didn't go any where.
I decided to just stop dating for two years, then I was introduced to my Husband now ( 21 years and counting), Dan is 12 years older than I am and he brought all the qualities I desired in a mate but, even he admits, I got him at his prime and that maybe I wouldn't of thought so if I had met him earlier in life. Who knows, all I know is my suggah daddy has been a great partner ( A wonderful step dad also) for so many years and we still love and like each other and even more so now that our family is growing...we are now grandparents. Thanks.

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author avatar Humza
29th Apr 2011 (#)

indeed true
i agree with all what u said, bull's eye bro!
thnx for sharing!

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