Why We Have The Need to Give and Help Others

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There is a basic character of human nature instilled in all of us to want to give and help other people. No matter who you are, rich or poor, happy or sad, good or evil, every man, woman and child thrives on these needs.

Why We Have The Need to Give and Help Others

I have always been impressed with the saying, “if you’re not growing, you’re dying”. I feel the truth of this saying and believe that the best way we can accomplish maximum growth, is to give and help other people.

One day, I was faced with one of those difficult life decisions and I couldn’t figure out what to do. I felt as though I was standing at the crossroads not knowing what direction to take. I sought the advice of close friends, read articles on the Internet and I prayed.

My son, who was serving a two year church mission at the time in Mexico, wrote me a letter and gave me a very simple answer to my dilemma, he wrote;

“Dad, if you ever find yourself having to make a hard decision and cannot decide what to do or you can’t decide what direction to take, then choose the thing that would benefit others, and you will have made the right choice”.

That advice changed my life…thank you son.

How to help others

“How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a weary world”.
William Shakespeare

There are countless ways to give and help other people such as; donating to legitimate organizations your time, talent, things you do not use anymore, food and money which will help someone who has less than you. Lending a listening ear to a friend or someone who just needs to be heard can do wonders for someone who is in trouble, hurting or just in needs to vent. Make a dinner or care package for a sick neighbor or friend will warm the soul. These deeds and numerous others acts of selfless kindness are the little things that go such a long ways, like William Shakespeare wrote.

Smiling is a very small jester that can make a significant difference in someone’s life. I like to think about how hundreds of years ago when a boy met a girl, smiled and from that point on, generations of families were created, all from just a smile.

The need to give and help

When we starve ourselves of basic food, the human body can last about 5 weeks. Starve your body of water and you will die within days.

A person’s body also has the need to give and to help others because of the nourishment it provides to the human spirit, and without it, the body will eventually die.

Look at what happens to a person who lives life alone. To gratify the human need to give and help, the person will buy plants, various types of animals, fish or birds. Having these things satisfies the spirit and the necessity to give of yourself, show compassion and help something that needs you and your love.


When you think about it, we ourselves have been given so much because someone else has always been there with that basic human need to give and help. Sacrificing and giving humbly demonstrates that everything we have really does not belong to us.

Giving and helping returns gratitude for all that we have and stimulates high levels of fulfillment and happiness that has a rippling effect that attracts others to want to do the same.

Giving and helping is the single easiest act you will ever do in your life that can make a difference and have a monumental impact in someone’s life.

“Choose the thing that will benefit others and you will have made the right choice.”


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