Why Should We Help?

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Reasons why should we help others, ways or how to help others, benefits of helping others and when you should not help others.

Helping Others

Why should we help? I think we should help others because it is a natural thing to do when somebody needs your help. By helping others, you are not only lending a hand to the person you have helped but at the same time, you also benefit from it. There is a saying that No Man is an Island. I believe in that. You cannot guarantee that someday, you will not need any help. Helping others not only eases somebody’s burden. You are also strengthening your true friends and you are making new friends by helping them. And maybe someday they will be the ones who will help you or even if they don’t, you still did your part as a human being.

In the midst of a storm

In the recent storm Yolanda that hit the Philippines, many people died and got injured not only physically but mentally as well. Buildings have been wrecked. Houses were not the only ones destroyed but also the homes that have been built and cherished for years.

Many people gathered and cared to help. Even children did their own share. Rich and poor people did their own part. I remember our native people who do not have money to share; they instead gave their harvested fruits and vegetables to help Yolanda victims. One of their reason why they help Yolanda victims eventhough they do not have money is that they were once a victim of natural disaster and other people also helped them. They are paying back the good deeds that some people did to them.

There are still many instances that will really inspire us to help and care. It is really heartwarming and touching. Each nation and country did their own share. It is not important whether one nation is an ally of our country, for even countries that we have grudge or misunderstanding even sent their help. Overflowing reliefs and donations were coming. It was overwhelming and Filipinos were very thankful to them. In these rare circumstances, I believe in the goodness of humanity. But sometimes it is really sad that there are still few people who doesn’t care and even commented and took advantage of this event.


I have discussed why we should help others and hope that you realize why we should care and help others. I wish that all of us should care to help because you will never know maybe one day, you will also be needing help. Remember the saying to Pay It Forward and the Bible says in Acts 20:35 in English Standard Version(ESV) “In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’” Yes it is really better to give than to receive, I believe in that and I really like that I am the one giving help rather than I am the one asking for help. So when someone ask for your help try to help, I will assure you will be the first one who will benefit on it.


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